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When Happiness Comes Knocking, It Doesn't Depend on Any External Conditions, Only Our Attitude

When happiness comes knocking, it’s not so much about the destination as it is about the journey you’re on every day, accepting both the unpleasant and the positive. It doesn’t matter what socioeconomic or cultural background you come from; the truth is that everyone wants to live a happy life or define the life they want to live. Some people believe that happiness stems from their circumstances, such as good health, prosperity, and strong connections.

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When Happiness Comes Knocking

We are disappointed if we do not achieve the milestones that we believe are associated with happiness, such as success, riches, and marriage.

Academics and philosophers alike have long maintained that the pragmatic, tangible processes that lead to success in other areas of life do not work in the pursuit of happiness.

Be Happy with Who You Are

According to the study, making another person happy creates a feeling of connection, which explains why people feel joyful themselves.

Conversely, trying too hard can backfire; persons who emphasise pursuing positive emotion and avoiding negative emotion are less happy.

We know that pursuing happiness has variable results, but chasing happiness for the sake of pleasure is often a futile exercise, or worse, an invitation to despair and worry.


Joyful people are more confident, optimistic, and energetic, and others find them likeable and social. As a result, happy people can benefit from these sensations.

Researchers discovered that cheerful people are generally successful in relationships, employment, and health; yet, this success is frequently a by-product of their positive feelings rather than vice versa.

And studies suggest that those who have a sense of purpose in life are more resilient, achieve more at work and in school, and even live longer.

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Live a Life You Are Excited About

Our thoughts are the result of our reactions to various situations in our lives. Our state of mind is created by how we react to difficulties; thus, we must maintain a positive attitude in life.

Yes, problems will always be in your life caused by factors over which you have no control. It’s OK to admit whenever things aren’t going well in your life.

You Deserve to Be Happy

It’s sometimes good to get up, experience the day, and appreciate what life has to offer. We’ve all got those things in our lives that we believe will make us happier.

We must all figure out how to make the best of the situations that life throws at us. Each of us views life using our own eyes, and no two people experience the world in the same way.

Being able to live the life of your dreams is the most incredible journey you can possibly embark on. This could be the first step in living a life of contentment and well-being.

You Have the Power to Choose Happiness

When we choose to ignore or reject certain feelings, we limit ourselves from responding to the environment in an integrated and honest way, both inwardly and externally. It is determined by what you choose to talk about, think about, and how you choose to act.

Humans are emotional creatures by nature, and we don’t always feel our best. The issue is that we believe we must maintain a permanent state of euphoria.

However, suppose you can recognise why you’re feeling awful and how you may strive to fix it. In that case, you’ll be a lot better off than someone who suppresses their emotions.

What Is Your Definition of Happiness?

Happiness is well-defined as a state of pleasure and optimism. A person is happier when they feel pleased, proud, enthusiastic, relieved or satisfied with something. People should learn how to be satisfied in life because happiness sometimes causes them to cry when they laugh because emotion controls them.

It’s possible to be melancholy or anxious by yourself, but it’s uncommon to laugh or love yourself. It’s just impossible to grin, laugh, and be unhappy at the same time.

Disappointment can exacerbate feelings of hopelessness and low mood, both of which are precursors to depression.

Minor unpleasant incidents may not bother you when you are happy. Still, when you are unhappy, you feel as if everything is conspiring against you.

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Will More Money Really Make People Happier?

According to one study, while income and wealth certainly contribute to life happiness, the perceived financial condition and control over life tend to make us happier.

There is evidence that persons who get unexpected windfalls, such as a lottery win or an inheritance, are happier the year after the money’s receipt, although this benefit is short-lived.

Being aware of and grateful for the present moment makes us happy at the moment and increases our overall well-being. However, making more money or having more money does not guarantee that you will be more satisfied.


Changing your behaviours affects your mentality, which can lead to more tremendous success and happiness. People who believe they have no good impact on anyone are more prone to be lonely.

A cheerful attitude makes you a better person in general. Make the decision to focus on the positive, stay in the current moment, and embrace it as if you chose it.

Positive psychology examines people who do not fit the mould and discovers what they do so different that we can all learn from.

Happiness Is Already inside You

You’ll learn that spending time with yourself is one of the most straightforward methods to address your needs and understand your beliefs.

True inner happiness can help you distinguish between obstacles that will benefit you and those that will not. Giving you more control over what deserves your time and attention.

Never Forget to Enjoy Life

While we are experiencing happiness, which is an inside feeling, we also have freedom, ease, inner peace, and joy.

Happiness is a personal experience; it has nothing to do with others and everything with you. It’s great to have personal convictions, but you also must do what needs to be done.

Even persons who are generally cheerful will occasionally suffer feelings of disappointment or unhappiness. According to studies, people laugh five times more when around others than when they are alone.


We also know that external things such as relationships, income, and employment all contribute to our happiness. In whatever we do, we seek inner delight and joy.

Happiness does not come solely from within, relationships, or money, but rather from a combination of all three and many other things.

Actual happiness results from the hard work of looking inside ourselves with curiosity and compassion, creating self-acceptance and genuine relationships with others.

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Does Your Health Match Your Lifestyle?

Unhappiness occurs when our circumstances change, and the alterations are not to our liking. If you find yourself in an emotional state you don’t want to be in, you can instantly change it.

Another excellent side effect of inner happiness is that you’ll begin to notice things you’d like to improve in your life. And you’ll develop a stronger desire to do something about it.

Success Follows Happiness

You can raise your happiness in life, and your success will remain the same. However, if you improve your satisfaction in the present, your future career success will increase.

When we think about happiness, we often think of pleasure, such as receiving a present, going on a trip, or attending a fun party.

People Start by Strengthening Their Feelings

You teach your brain to notice the good in the world. Whether it’s more people holding the door wide for one another or taking a few additional minutes to read positive news headlines.

However, most of it is still up to us because it is not the people, places. And those things that make us happy; can only influence, but not generate, happiness.

While most of us cannot afford to buy sports vehicles, give up our jobs, or travel on exotic vacations. We can learn tiny things from society’s happiest people to help enhance our quality of life.

  • You can’t help but smile when you know you’ve made someone else’s life better.
  • The more you give and express your gratitude to others, the happier you will be.
  • You are not choosing to be joyful while pretending; you are simply putting on a show.
  • Sure, a person or a new toy might make us feel happy, but this sensation is fleeting.
  • You can see how the more you love yourself and live your truth, the happy you become.
  • You learn to value everything around you, even if it doesn’t always offer you delight.
  • It’s a frequent misconception that when we prioritise ourselves, we become self-centred.
  • With enough practice, you’ll be able to achieve complete mental serenity regardless of your ideas.

Other studies have discovered that improving our sense of worth and autonomy and attempting to surround ourselves with cheerful individuals are all practical approaches to increase our psychological well-being.

I believe the secret is how we communicate to ourselves, how we respond to things, how we generate meaning, who we spend our time with, and how we make the most of what we have.

Focus on your best qualities; if you spend too much time focused on your defects, you may overlook all the beautiful qualities that make you who you are.

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Your Happiness May Come From Making Others Feel Good

Happiness is a complex phenomenon influenced by various circumstances, some of which we can control and others that we cannot.

Inner happiness gives you more power over the issues you meet and how you choose to deal with them. Receiving other people’s approval provides some people with peace of mind and happiness.


According to a study, making someone else happy provides a sense of connection, which explains why people feel cheerful. Happy people tend to be more confident, optimistic, and upbeat, and they are also viewed favourably by others. According to the findings, those who are upbeat tend to do better in all areas of their lives, including love, relationships, career, and health. Instead of being the result of their good thoughts, they usually find success by accident. Happy people can therefore profit from these feelings.

Choosing to ignore or reject certain feelings limits our ability to respond to the environment holistically and truthfully. We all do this. What you decide to talk about, think about, and do determine your level of happiness. We may learn from people who fit the mould using positive psychology since it defines what makes them unique. The likelihood of being lonely increases for those who believe they have no positive influence on anyone. Becoming present-aware and thankful boosts our overall well-being while making us happier at the moment.

Change your mindset for more achievement and fulfilment. Studies show that people laugh five times as much when surrounded by other people as when alone. When happiness comes knocking, it results from a complex interplay between factors like health, relationships, and money.

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