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What to Avoid, If You Can, When Grandparents Spoil Grandchildren and Don’t Listen to You

There are numerous anecdotes about how difficult it is to balance when grandparents spoil grandchildren, and then parents deal with overindulged offspring. Knowing the grandchildren’ meals, screen time, and even spending a lot of time on certain activities is critical. As a result, as a grandparent, you must respect the parents’ rules or risk missing precious time with your grandchildren.


When Grandparents Spoil Grandchildren

They will relish the time they spend with their grandchildren. The children will develop insight and character that they can eventually pass on to their own children and grandchildren.

There are numerous gifts that adoring grandparents can present to their grandchildren that will be treasured by both parents and grandchildren.

Grandparents Are like Naughty Children

Grandparents frequently argue that the difference between being a grandparent and being a parent is that what they do for their grandkids is a choice, not an obligation.

I believe that children may easily understand that while it may not happen at mum and dad’s house, there are unique delights at Grandma’s.

Candy, staying up late, and eating dessert for dinner are all unique delights that grandparents have traditionally given to their grandkids.


If your children’s tummies are being filled with sugars, additives, and e-numbers, you’re likely to be the one paying the price at the end of the visit.

You’re not going to have a pleasant day if your kids come home from sleepovers at Granny’s house drained, exhausted, and emotional.

Grandparents begin with excellent intentions, allowing their grandchildren to do, eat, and have anything they want, but these good intentions can become overbearing.

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Is Spoiling Your Kids Such a Bad Thing?

In these times of childhood obesity, the traditional role of treating grandchildren with ice cream and treats must be modified.

Parents dislike indulgent parenting, in which children obtain what they want for themselves as a result of excessive indulgence.

What Does Spoil Mean Anyway?

Grandparenting appears to be linked with spoiling. Discipline, snack foods, and TV time can all be contentious problems.

Simply asking your parents to stop indulging you is unlikely to get you very far. What matters is the love, good intentions, and a willingness on both sides to respect boundaries.

You’ve worked hard to teach your children healthy eating habits, but grandma and grandpa insist on pampering them with “treats.”

They Make Our Children Happier

I’d hate to believe that my children only liked being around grandma and grandpa because they always bought them gifts. Always allowing them to do anything they wanted; it should be about the time spent with them, not the stuff they have.

And it may be a lot of fun for both the grandmother and the grandchild, providing bonding time while putting together a new gadget or going somewhere special together.

A grandmother can be a valuable source of wisdom for her children, grandchildren, sons and daughters-in-law, particularly if she recognises and respects the position each one has.

Why Do Grandparents Treat Their Grandchildren Better?

Part of the reason grandparents treat their grandchildren better than their children is that grandparents have different societal expectations than parents. Parenting is a challenging job. Grandparents can put themselves in the position of being polite, preferring to be liked rather than respected.

A toxic grandparent does not respect your parental authority regarding food limits, sleep, screen time, or any other regulations you have for your child.

It can be tempting to give grandchildren everything they want and lavish them with treats to make them happy, but structure and routine will serve them better.

It’s only normal to want to spend special days with grandchildren, but there are ways to ensure that everyone’s needs are satisfied.

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It's Ok to Treat Your Kids, but with Limits

Accepting that parenting styles varies from generation to generation and that your children may do things differently than you did.

Still, it may be appropriate to consider different ways to spoil the grandchildren while respecting their parents’ values and styles.

Are you willing to be called if you live nearby to pick up or drop off children, babysit, be summoned at the last minute, or watch sporting events?


If you can’t continue an old tradition, develop a new one so your grandchildren know they can count on your presence in their life no matter what.

Many elderly people look forward to becoming grandparents because it allows them to treat their grandchildren with gifts, food, and attention.

Children must regard their adult role models as being on the same team, and you should keep in mind that almost anything you say about a child’s parents will get back to Mom or Dad.

Show Them Unconditional Love

Giving them your full attention will make them feel appreciated and loved, as well as increase their respect for you. Reassure grandchildren regularly of your affection for them and your ongoing relationship.

Ignoring a parent’s desires, overindulging children, and teaching them that material possessions equal love are not healthy messages to send.

Grandparents Sometimes Meddle in a Parents Choices

The role of the parent is a tough job, and most parents, whether they admit it or not, are insecure about their parenting abilities. Take some parenting classes or chat with a paediatrician if it helps to obtain some first-hand insight.

Grandparenting is essentially the best part of parenting without all of the everyday struggle and commitment.

It takes time to get back into the swing of raising small children when you’re a new grandmother, or your family already has a whole following generation developed.


While I support a parent’s freedom to choose what is and isn’t suitable for their children, there comes the point when give and take is required.

That being said if new parents just seek to fill their children’s lives with beautiful individuals. Their children’s lives will be severely lacking in familial bonds.

When you build up competitive relationships, you’re setting a terrible precedent for your family and, quite frankly, being a flawed role model.

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Sometimes There Are Communication Gaps

It’s critical, if challenging, to strike the correct balance between being a spoiling grandparent and respecting the limitations set by your grandchildren’s parents.

For example, if the parent’s rule states that your grandkids may watch television only after completing their homework. Accept the parent’s desires, even if you believe they are unjust.

Is It Time for Some Ground Rules?

Discuss with your children the non-negotiable rules that are important to them. Introduce the idea that you should be able to make your own rules in your home.

While parents are punishing and setting boundaries and consequences to immediately stop their children’s bad habits. Grandparents are busy saving their grandchildren by ignoring their parents’ restrictions.

There’s a Fine Line between Spoiling and Treating

Grandparents enjoy spoiling their grandchildren on occasion, claiming it is a perk of the job. When grandparents treat their grandchildren, some of them appear to love it.

Give reasons for the regulations you have at home and explain why you believe it is vital for your children to be held to a constant standard.

However, grandparents’ susceptibility to being asked to submit to parenting choices and household regulations varies by family.

  • Imperfect parents raise imperfect grandchildren.
  • randparents and grandkids frequently have a special bond.
  • Balance your own life, and you’ll be a fantastic role model.
  • If you don’t want to babysit or provide ongoing child care, don’t do it.
  • Many grandparents slip into the deep, dark hole of “I’m the best grandma or grandpa.”
  • Allow yourself not to be “guilted” into spending more money on grandchildren than you can afford.
  • Avoid passing judgement on their parenting approach and keep your mouth shut unless they ask for it.
  • Make sure parents are aware and that grandkids understand that you respect their parents’ decisions.

Children can navigate between different sets of parenting styles and rules, just as there may be one rule for school and one for home.

Getting kids to bed is challenging enough without someone breaking the rules and allowing them to stay up until all hours.

When grandparents indulge their grandchildren within the confines of the parents’ rules, they cannot undermine the authority of the parents.

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Do We Let Grandparents Spoil While They Still Can?

Grandchildren may not admit it. But in the long run, the majority of adults will say their most pleasing recollections of grandparents are constantly feeling liked and welcomed.

While grandparents provide unconditional love and frequently operate as authority figures, they also have the opportunity to indulge their grandchildren in ways that parents cannot.


If your child’s meals are loaded with sugar, artificial sweeteners, and e-numbers, you’re going to pay for it. People frequently say that being a grandmother is different from having children because what you do for your grandchildren is your decision, not an obligation. Since childhood obesity is rising, grandparents may no longer give their grandchildren ice cream and sweets as gifts. Overindulgent parenting is something parents despise because it allows children to get just what they want. These subjects, from discipline to snack foods to TV time, may be contentious subjects of discussion in families.

What counts is that both parties are willing to respect each other’s boundaries out of love and good intentions. As a parent, you have the right to set limits for your child. But sometimes a grandmother will disregard those restrictions. In many ways, grandparenting is the best part of being a parent, but without daily stress and sacrifice. Being a grandmother excites many people in their golden years since it allows them to spoil their grandkids lavishly with presents, food, and time. Saving their grandchildren from their overbearing parents is a top priority for grandparents.

The authority of parents cannot be undermined when grandparents spoil grandchildren within the boundaries of the limits set by the parents. Even young children can switch back and forth between different sets of parenting techniques and regulations as they please.

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