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Visit the English Riviera to See Torbay, Which Includes Torquay, Paignton and Brixham

With much for you to see and do on the English Riviera, South Devon’s magnificent bay, you can truly personalise your vacation to your preferences. Even down to how you explore it. Visitors appreciate getting out on the water. There is a wonderful selection of boat rides and tasty local food, and fresh seafood to enjoy. It’s easy to see why it became a fashionable Victorian resort with its enormous waterfront, vibrant nightlife, and mild climate.

Table of Content

1. Enjoy countless events in Torbay.
2. Discover your passion for Torquay.
3. Don’t forget to make plans to visit Paignton.
4. Welcome to Brixham and the Harbour.

Visit The English Riviera

Enjoy Countless Events in Torbay

There are 20 top beaches to select from throughout the Torbay coastline, ranging from vast sandy beaches to isolated coves.

The English Riviera derives its name from Victorian times when visitors here compared the mild temperature to that of the French Riviera.

Take a Weekend Break on the English Riviera

Eating on the English Riviera, South Devon’s stunning bay will provide you with unforgettable gastronomic experiences.

The beaches on the English Riviera are safe and family-friendly. Devon’s intriguing geology is honoured with a vast UNESCO Global Geo Park. With each region representing a different epoch of Earth’s history.

Walking along the seaside allows you to breathe in the fresh sea air and peruse the local tourist gift shops before sampling some delicious Devonshire ice cream available from various sellers.

Agatha Christie Documentary

Agatha Christie Documentary Explores Iconic Places Writer Put In Her Books

From lost Victorian seaside resorts and lavish hotels to aristocratic estates and the Devon landscape of her childhood, Dame Agatha immortalised them all on the page – and her skill in capturing a lost England has enchanted readers for more than 100 years.

Agatha Clarissa Miller was born into a charmed life in the seaside town of Torquay towards the end of Queen Victoria’s reign. The youngest of three, her father Frederick was a stockbroker from New York and her mother Clara the daughter of an Army officer.

…read more at Mirror

You could watch the fishing boats come and go, and you may walk along the harbour wall and quay to get a better view.

Aside from safe, secure beaches and rolling countryside screaming to be explored, the area is brimming with activities to see and do for guests of all ages.

There are famous and child-friendly beaches to enjoy, as well as isolated coves where you can get away from the crowds.

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Torbay Has Expansive Vistas

You’ll find 22 miles of coastline, cliffs, coves, and beaches, as well as walks that equal those in the Southwest of England, with a climate that belongs considerably further south.

Stroll along sandy beaches behind towering cliffs or enjoy spectacular views of the coast from vantage points along coastal trails.

Discover Your Passion for Torquay

Torquay, dubbed the “heart of the English Riviera” by tourists and locals alike, is a beautiful seaside town that combines a beach ambience with big-city attractions.

Explore Torquay to see how the Riviera has transformed the classic coastal resort into a cosmopolitan tourist attraction.

Torquay is the birthplace of crime novelist Agatha Christie. The entire town hosts a year-round calendar of events and festivals, including the annual Agatha Christie Festival.

Swim off the Coast of Torquay

Home to many marine events and regattas, as well as lively bistros and cafes, Torquay has everything you might desire from a 21st-century getaway.

Torquay was a little marine community for decades, home to pirates, smugglers, and respectable fishermen.

The harbour is still teeming with boats, with recreational craft of all kinds and sizes taking up residence where fishing vessels were anchored.

Cockington, tucked into a secret valley behind the busy Torquay seafront, feels like a time warp.

Cockington Court, a 17th-century manor house, is now a crafts centre with working artisans showcasing everything from glassblowing to printmaking.

Stroll through the peaceful lanes of Cockington Village, which are lined with traditional thatched dwellings, local arts and crafts galleries, and welcoming taverns.

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Cockington, a Historic Village, Is Worth a Visit

With the arrival of the railway to Torquay in the mid-nineteenth century, the town attracted many visitors, including some of Victorian society’s wealthiest members. They erected the houses along the promenade.

Torquay is home to several major tourist attractions, including Kent’s Cavern, Britain’s most important Stone Age site, home to early man over 40,000 years ago.

Torquay provides something for everyone, whether you want a fun-filled family vacation, a romantic beach getaway, or an activity break.

Is It Worthwhile to Visit the English Riviera?

Underground caves, a model village, a steam train, a giant wheel with panoramic views, a historic funicular railway, a world-class zoo, an 800-year-old Abbey, a gigantic waterpark, a historic pier, Agatha Christie’s house, and more can be found on Devon’s English Riviera.

Torquay, best known as the birthplace of Agatha Christie, is a bustling and bright coastal town that provides a quiet seaside getaway or a town packed with events and excitement.

The Torquay Museum, located on Babbacombe Road, a mile or so inland from the harbour, is small but full of fascinating exhibits.

While it is busiest during the hot summer months, Torquay is a year-round resort that offers more than simply great beaches.

Don't Forget to Make Plans to Visit Paignton

To the east, travelling past Broadsands and Goodrington is Paignton. Its long sandy beach, pier, green, and amusements make the ideal day trip destination for everyone.

Paignton’s hotels and B&Bs are more modest, clearly catering to vacationing families. There are also donkey rides, the Paignton Zoo, and the Paignton and Dartmouth Steam Railway.

The Singer Family's Residence Was Oldway Mansion

Oldway Mansion is a huge residence and gardens built in the 1870s for Isaac Merritt Singer. He made a fortune with his sewing machine inventions.

The Inn on the Green, and Palace Hotel, which were built as houses for Singer’s sons Washington and Mortimer, further Singer legacies in Paignton.

Paignton Harbour is a historic 18th-century harbour with a variety of restaurants and cafes where travellers may experience the local coastal cuisines served with fresh seafood, for which Paignton is famous.

Don’t miss out on a day out on the steam train, which departs from Paignton train station, taking you on an exciting trip of discovery along the magnificent coves and beaches of the River Dart.

Paignton’s historic district is centred on Church Street, Winner Street, and Palace Avenue, which feature notable instances of Victorian architecture.

Paignton boasts a wide range of holiday accommodation and various bars, nightclubs, and restaurants.

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Paignton's Beaches Are Also Family-Friendly

Paignton Beach is the go-to place in Paignton for family days by the sea. The main beach boasts a long stretch of sand in red and golden tones.

Paignton Green is alive with bustle during the summer, with sunbathers, fairground rides, and donkey rides. Paignton has every convenience imaginable, and there is nothing you won’t discover here.

Welcome to Brixham and the Harbour

On the southwest end of the English Riviera, Brixham is located across the Dart River from Dartmouth and just a short drive away.

Home to the well-known Brixham Trawlers and a replica of Sir Francis Drake’s ship, the Golden Hind.

Brixham Has a Plethora of Seafood Eateries

Here is a beautiful little fishing community with a marina that serves as a centre for local fishermen and tourists to spend the day sampling the local cuisine.

Brixham also offers beautiful beaches, an incredible bakery, numerous bistros and restaurants, and a beautiful natural headland known as ‘Berry Head.’

Berry Head, located immediately west of Brixham, is a region of high terrain that provides additional protection from westerly gales.

  • If you’re a parent, you’ll realise the value of having things to do on vacation.
  • The coast is rocky, but it also boasts beautiful sandy beaches and little harbours.
  • Many of the local gift shops are charming, and travellers might spend hours browsing.
  • The English Riviera is home to more attractions than any other resort in the United Kingdom.
  • The River Dart is deep and narrow, and it is a favourite location for a wide range of watercraft.
  • There are elegant Georgian crescents, promenades, and Victorian pier with fine views across the bay.
  • There are also numerous sightseeing excursions available and boat and fishing trips out into the bay.

Brixham is known for its quiet, lonely shingle beaches. Still, Breakwater Beach, directly on the harbour, is entirely family-friendly and conveniently placed beside a car park.

This ancient fishing village hugs the English Riviera. It is teeming with colourful homes steeped in marine heritage and packed with wildlife.

The busy and evident centre of this attractive town, Brixham’s Harbour, is what the little town is all about.

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Brixham Has a Plethora of Outstanding Attractions

Although lovely, Brixham is far from a glitzy resort; its rustic charm provides an insight into day-to-day living on Devon’s coast.

Whether it’s for vacationers, full-time residents, or weekenders, the English Riviera is a destination to look forward to visiting, no matter if it’s in the heat of summer or the cold of winter.

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