The Many Reasons for you to Visit South Africa

Among the reasons people like to visit South Africa is to enjoy the outdoors and see the wide variety of wildlife. And all who come to South Africa on holiday would love to try a safari.

Things you Have to do When you Visit South Africa

The first Europeans to arrive at South Africa were in fact Portuguese. They also gave the name “Cape of Good Hope” that was around 1488, after they sailed round it and it became a recognised point on the sea route to Asia.

You’ll find that one of the best times for you to visit South Africa in fact hinges on your likes and dislikes. The wildlife, including the big 5, are a lot easier to see through July-September.
That’s when cooler weather can help make backpacking and biking much more enjoyable too.

Did you know Yet another jewel in the Eastern Cape is definitely Kwandwe privately owned Game Reserve, a Big Five safari destination nestled deep inside 55,000 acres of secure wilderness.

The drier temps in the north and east make it a great time for game viewing. Making it easier finding animals gathered around the water-holes.

A strong number 1 for travellers to South Africa has to be the Kruger National Park.

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This is one of the largest game reserves within Africa, featuring the big 5, the lion, buffalo, elephant, rhinoceros and leopard.

As well as the big 5, Kruger park can also be the place to find a diverse wildlife. This includes over 500 varieties of wild birds along with a great selection of beautiful environments.

Cape Town is the capital city and the seat of Parliament. There you’ll find such well known attractions as Table Mountain and also the “Cape of Good Hope“.


Why South Africa should be on Your Travels

The capital, Cape Town, dominated by Table Mountain, bordered by the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. There you will find easy access to wildlife and the famed wine region, Cape Town is much more than a city.

You should pick the Western Cape for those vineyard tours. There are spectacular ocean and mountain vistas, let’s not forget the fine tasting cuisine of Cape Town.

Did you know July certainly is the beginning of the whale watching activities all along the coast of Western Cape. Southern right whales are best seen from Hermanus and also Plettenberg Bay since they can come close towards the coast line to give birth.

Delight in amazing views from those white sand beaches in the Cape Peninsula towards the legendary cliffs of Table Mountain.

You’ll also find a huge choice of world class restaurants not to mention local wines.

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A person has to enjoy it to be qualified to understand the blend of African and European customs.

There’s a mixture of modern and traditional, together with a particular combination of city living and nature.

If perhaps South Africa stands out as a world within a country, then Cape Town will be the country in a single city.

Best Times to Visit South Africa

I’ve found that in September the beautiful wild-flowers around the West Coast will often be in flower. The climate begins to climb all over, even though the early morning and evening are much cooler.

January receives dry and hot weather around the Cape. Making it a good time of the year for any visits to Cape Town and the Garden Route.

Did you know South African Standard Time is 2 hrs ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT +2), 1 hour ahead of central European wintertime and 7 hrs ahead of United States eastern standard time all through the year.

The weather in South Africa varies from desert like throughout the north west of this country towards sub-tropical around the eastern coastline.

You will find the northern parts may be rainy from November – February. However, it could be the best time to travel for bird watching.

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And the much cooler winter season from May – September provide fantastic conditions for any big game viewing.

All along South Africa’s Garden Route and kwaZulu-Natal’s Indian Ocean coast-line. You will find nice long stretches of beautiful sand that’s lapped by the ocean. It becomes much warmer the farther north you travel.

You can even find spectacular coral formations and fantastic snorkelling and diving at Rocktail Bay.

Vist South Africa a Beautiful Country

Found on the Indian Ocean side of South Africa’s Eastern coast. East London can be a peaceful, laid back beach town suitable for a getaway all year long.

South Africa’s Garden Route is world famed because of its variety of wonderful coastal towns. Look for Knysna, it might just be by far the most wonderful of all.

Did you know Hotels constructed following the end of apartheid and also the ending of international trade sanctions, are usually larger and also have much larger rooms similar to ones in North American hotels.

South Africa is a beautiful country and one that should be on the list to visit. So do not let the press discourage you from going.

Much is overstated news and when anyone stays on the tourist routes and as with any strange country your visiting always know your surroundings.

Popular destinations in Pretoria range from the Voortrekker Monument, devoted to the Afrikaans-settlers who came to South Africa during the 1830s.

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The National Zoological Gardens of South Africa, is a research centre also and 210 acre zoo park.

Also the Freedom Park Heritage Site with Museum, that is for the South African freedom-fighters.

South Africa’s amazing modern day history is best shown with a visit to Robben Island, that’s where Nelson Mandela spent eighteen years incarcerated with many other political prisoners during Apartheid.

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Did you know Bloemfontein is the capital city for the Free State of South Africa as well as one of the country’s 3 national capitals. However, it is also called the “city of roses” and has a tremendous rose festival in the city every springtime.

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