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Vacationing in California, and some of the best places to visit

When you’re vacationing in California, you’ll find a virtually infinite variety of fun for all the family, from mountains and beaches to national, and amusement parks.

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1. Vacationing in California there’s no shortage of destinations.
The Golden gate to San Francisco.
3. From Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon.
4. Travel on to San Diego.

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Vacationing in California there’s no shortage of destinations

It’s tough to pick between California’s many magnificent gardens. Still, one found right in Golden Gate Park, the botanical garden, has unmatched variety. With a balmy year-round climate, you’ll find that San Diego is the place to experience a laid back lifestyle. Full of sun-drenched days at the beach and lots of fun-loving outdoor experiences.

Each year, thousands of monarch butterflies migrate south from the Rockies onto Central California’s coastal spaces, and it’s a magnificent sight to behold. These black and orange and butterflies can usually be spotted from middle of October through to February at numerous sites, including ones in Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Santa Cruz.

Today, San Francisco is probably California’s most cultured city, somewhere you can enjoy world-class opera and ballet. Experienced with a wide range of theatre performances and fine dining.

There is certainly no shortage of fun and entertainment or places to see and be seen in Los Angeles

Probably the best beaches for warm wintertime weather are found along the southern coast, in particular south-facing shores. Beaches that are open to the south can be California’s warmest in both summer and winter.

What are the best months to visit California?

Probably the best times to travel are from May-September. During these months you’ll find it warm and sunny, with the chances of rain being very low. April and October can also be great months for a Californian getaway! However, for those that don’t like high temperatures, I’d advise steering clear of July to August.

Humboldt Redwoods State Park which is south of Redwood National and State Parks. This is California’s largest redwood state park, and it includes the world’s largest old-growth redwood forest. April and May invite you to California’s fabulous national parks to explore mighty waterfalls, weaving hiking trails and captivating poppy blooming.

Around the northern coast, the year’s hottest weather customarily appears in September

Los Angeles is California’s most populated city, and also the country’s 2nd most populated, following New York City. And unless it falls into the ocean, Los Angeles is always going to be California’s most populated city.

One of the top away from it all destinations, Mammoth Lakes in the Eastern Sierra Mountains attracts many visitors for an abundance of outdoor adventures.

Barely off the Southern coast of California’s highly grown urbanisation is the Channel Islands. This is a reminder of how rugged the area was. August and September are just about the warmest months on most of California’s Pacific coast.

The Golden gate to San Francisco

Yerba Buena was a settlement that later became San Francisco, and was California’s principal seaport. It far overshadowing San Pedro, San Diego and Monterey to the south.

San Jose, San Diego, and Benicia all tied to be California’s second incorporated city, each of these cities gained incorporation on March 27, 1850.

Death Valley National Park comprises some of the most forbidding terrains. There is an extreme heat which has left this desert area strikingly attractive.

The stunning coastal city of Pismo Beach is situated between Los Angeles and San Francisco, the central California coast. Santa Rosa is found amid the northern California wine-producing country north of San Francisco.

Can California fall into the ocean?

No, it can’t, California is not about to fall into the ocean. California is securely fixed to the earth’s crust in a spot where it spans two tectonic plates. There is nowhere for California to fall; however, San Francisco and Los Angeles will one day be next to each other!

When you’re short for time, try to focus your trip on San Francisco and Los Angeles. Around 200mls north of San Francisco, you’ll find ancient forests of majestic coastal redwoods that populate Humboldt County.

Though San Francisco and Northern California can add up to a lot of fun, your vacation may be filled with lots of traffic, crowds of people, and restricted parking. In San Francisco, even though it’s a terrific destination, there are a couple of less welcome spots the traveller needs to avoid.

A little north of San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge, Marin County is just one of the many popular trips out. Don’t forget when taking your kids to San Francisco, a trip to Alcatraz may just get their attention. Riding across the bay presents some great views of the city.

Presidio Park should be on your list of places to see in San Francisco

Sausalito, a thoroughly scenic waterfront town of has got a captivating historic downtown, lovely marinas, and breathtaking views of San Francisco.

  • Yosemite features terrific views of granite cliffs and breathtaking waterfalls.
  • The Lake Tahoe area of California is known as a skier and snowboarder paradise.
  • Lester Beach and the car parks fill up fast on summer days, so get there early to claim your spot.
  • The Sonoma Coast State Park inspires nature lovers who appreciate the jagged coastline and secluded beaches.
  • California’s Highway 1 delivers some of the most stunning stretches of coastline you’ll ever see.
  • It’s time to experience beaches the way they are supposed to be experienced – in California.
  • The Old Mission Santa Barbara, founded in 1786, is an excellent place to explore.
  • Los Angeles and Hollywood are the most prominent celebrities hub in California.
  • If Venice Beach is alive and vibrant, Death Valley is equally dead and foreboding.

From Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon

From great national parks such as Yellowstone, Glacier and the Grand Canyon, to moving, crowd-pleasing cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle, major adventures are waiting. Around 3hrs from Los Angeles and San Francisco, Fresno is a unique home base for those travellers that would like to visit Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks.

Just about 12mls to the north of San Francisco, you’ll find Muir Woods National Monument, one of the very last old-growth coastal redwood forests.

Is LA cheaper than New York?

California is the 2nd most costly state for anybody to live in. With mid home prices at around $540k along with a notoriously high cost of living everywhere in the state. You may be deterred from ever moving to the Golden State.

Any nature lovers will love the drive 30mls south of San Francisco taking them to Half Moon Bay. Coit Tower, one of the most recognised parts of the skyline in San Francisco’s, energetic visitors can climb up the stairs for a remarkable 360degree view of the city.

San Diego Bay is but one of the very few natural harbours that are in California south of San Francisco. To be able to claim this specific asset, the southern border had been inclined so that it included the entire bay of California.

Lake Tahoe is positioned on the state line sitting between California and Nevada. The two states are working with each other to protect the lake’s ecosystem

California is probably the most populated state in the U.S. Recognised for a mixture of draws such as warm beaches, the San Francisco bay area, Hollywood, national parks, Redwood trees, and beautiful mountain vistas.

From the energetic tastes of San Francisco to the notoriety of Hollywood and the natural beauty with places such as South Lake Tahoe and Visalia, home of Sequoia National Park, there is something for all tastes in California.

Travel on to San Diego

Following travelling along the California coast, San Diego is your final destination, and reclining on a sandy beach may be just what the family needs.

Together with an incredible 15 museums, the nation’s most considerable urban cultural park is home to the city’s more natural side, the San Diego Zoo. If you love state parks, theme parks or even water parks, just building sandcastles or having a beach bonfire. Or simply exploring kid-friendly hiking trails, in San Diego families always have a good time.

Several nearby destinations are excellent day trips from San Diego

For shopping or sunbathing, La Jolla for sandy beaches, and it’s charming downtown gastronome restaurants, art museums, arts, antique shops and performing arts. Amongst the many things, you can do in San Diego with your children, playing at the beach, hitting the city’s family-oriented theme parks and zoo.

San Diego is close to the border with Mexico and is renown the world over for having some of the most fabulous weather

San Diego is famous for its year-round weather, so there’s no wrong time to plan a vacation here. Some ways to spend a family vacation in San Diego include the USS Midway Museum, Balboa Park, and SeaWorld San Diego.

For the taste of a different culture, travellers can visit Tijuana in Mexico, just 20 miles south of San Diego. Mission Beach, Hollywood, and Downtown San Diego are popular with other travellers visiting California.

Is it safe to visit L.A.?

As the second-largest city in the U.S. Like any city, it has safe areas and unsafe areas. It’s impossible to go to a dangerous area ‘by mistake’ since the places of interest to tourists are nowhere near the unsafe ones. Like any urban centre, use common sense. But, other than that, L.A. is perfectly safe.

California’s southern-most county could just as easily be called a gigantic amusement park featuring world-known attractions such as the San Diego Zoo, the Safari Park, SeaWorld, and Lego land.

By 1820 Spanish influence was marked by the chain of missions reaching from Loreto, north to San Diego, to just north of today’s San Francisco Bay Area, and extended inland approximately 25-50 miles from the missions.

In fact, San Diego is consistently ranked one of the top family destinations in America, and it’s no wonder.

Another worthwhile excursion from San Diego is the Mission San Juan Capistrano, in a tranquil setting 66mls north. The delightful San Diego Botanic Garden in Encinitas has 37 acres of remarkable bamboo groves, desert gardens and tropical forest with plants from all over the world.

San Diego is a large city at the southern tip of California that’s famous for beaches, tourism, and surfing and will definitely be warm.

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