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Places to Visit and Things to Do in Australia

No matter if it’s uncovering the way of life of the nation’s Aboriginal peoples, unwinding and topping up the tan on one of the sun-kissed beaches or dancing away the night at city hot spots, Australia has got a little something special for every single traveller.

Where Would You like to Go in Australia?

You can explore the remarkable wildlife of Australia, listen to the memories from the world’s oldest civilisation or just take a seat and have a coffee adopting Australia’s relaxed pace.

And don’t forget, those beautiful beaches not to mention turquoise waters lining its shoreline are where you will find the amazing Great Barrier Reef.

Did you know The world’s largest reef structure extends almost 1,500 miles off of the Queensland coast and it has four hundred varieties of coral and 1,500 types of tropical fish life.

Just one of the wonders in the natural world and it’s one of Australia’s many favoured tourist hotspots.

Make use of Cairns as the starting point for exploring North Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef, it’s the World’s largest coral reef.

There are few places in this world where you could spend the early morning snorkelling throughout the brilliant under-water play-ground that’s a part of the World’s largest single assembly of living creatures.

Then spend your after-noon dropping into pools that are canopied by the most varied and earliest rain forests on this planet.

Many of the world’s top destinations have got spectacular travellers routes, and also for Australia, considered one of the finest, the Great Ocean Road.

One of Victoria’s more popular destinations, it winds its way down the south-west coast of the state, beginning in Torquay, 1.5 hrs out of Melbourne, and then ending right before Warrnambool.

Away from the coast, features include crystal clear fresh-water streams and lakes.

Did you know Located just one short ferryboat ride from the coast of South Australia, Kangaroo Island is recognized for its wildlife, traditional Australian panoramas and nature-reserves

Many of these are supplied by springs, some located among imposing sand-dunes, and rainforests full of an amazing range of animals and plants.

Spectacular national parks are spread right across the country plus some amazing islands.

Start Planning Your Australia Itinerary Now

Visitors coming to Australia could be away discovering the wonders of Tasmania one moment and even Kakadu not to mention Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Parks the next.

A fabulous need to visit for those wine buffs, is the Barossa Valley, Australia’s wine country, in recent times referred to as on the list of top best ten wine destinations by wine magazines.

Did you know UluruUluru, located inland of the country was once referred to as Ayers Rock, is really a spiritual symbol of Australia.

Found inside South Australia and about forty miles north-east of Adelaide.

Barossa Valley is known as a region of pleasure featuring its prize winning local wines and exceptional local dishes.

Travel from the beach suburbs towards the up and coming traditional beer centre that’s Freemantle, which all are in easy access from the wine area, Margaret River, a food lovers paradise together with its warm sunny climate.

How to Plan a Working Holiday in Australia like a Pro

Australia has been a backpacker favourite since forever, and it’s easy to see why. Australia has it all, whether you’re looking for stunning nature, insane parties or foodie hotspots.

It’s no wonder most backpackers want to stay more than a few weeks, but the land down under isn’t cheap, and it’s unlikely you’ll have enough travel funds saved to last you a whole year here, let alone two.

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There’s over one-hundred-and-fifty wine growers, several breweries, stunning beaches, fabulous food, coffee-houses, chocolate-makers, cheese producers, caverns for you to explore, forested acres to walk through, mountain-bike trails, whale-watching, surf-culture, artisans, and stunning panoramas.

Every Australian states got a capital having its own style, no place is this more obvious than New South Wales, where stunning Sydney has got the iconic attractions, the Sydney Opera House plus Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Probably the best site to take pictures of the Opera House is without doubt Mrs Macquarie’s Chair inside the Royal Botanic Gardens, or you can jump on board any harbour cruise trip or even ferryboat for another attractive standpoint.

Combined with the in Sydney the Harbour Bridge and Opera House are among Australia’s most visited attractions.

Did you know Truly the only living thing on the planet seen from outer space, the Great Barrier Reef was actually born twenty five million years ago.

You’ll find the very beach areas Australia is renowned for, however there are the wild islands and plenty of national parks filled with swimming holes, the major cities packed with tradition and great food.

Awesome restaurants not to mention bars, marketplaces, galleries and museums and plenty of green wide open parks, Australia’s cities are exciting places to explore, even so the pure scale of the country means you most likely won’t see them all during a single trip.

Australia Is Full of Unexpected Surprises

Australia isn’t all about the Opera House and Sydney.

Even more than the legendary Koalas, kangaroos and outback. The country in fact tops the listing of every nature lover’s favourite get away to nirvana.

Lismore, New South Wales

Lismore is great for those people trying to find the opportunity to connect with nature.

Woodlands are around every corner and throughout the city, allowing backpackers, hikers and travellers to submerge themselves into the wonder of nature that’s two minutes from the city centre.

Did you know An exciting and friendly city, Brisbane’s lively music setting makes it on the list of music capitals in the world and there’s no shortage of settings in town where you could enjoy a great program.

Acknowledged as being the birthplace of eco-tourism, Lismore features amazing waterfalls and areas of rain forests.

Besides the typical nature experience, visitors shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see organic Tuesday which is a display of the things that grow in the rich volcanic land that’s recognised as organic.

Kununurra, Western Australia

Kununurra is a city not only to get close to nature but for motivation and creativity when everything seems to go in another direction.

When everything else falls flat and you’re feeling down, Kununurra and its amazing history will restore your resolve for making things work.

Meaning Meeting of Big Waters, Kununurra is a somewhat new town for Australia.

As opposed to most places that expanded from smaller communities that become cities and towns.

And in doing this produced a vibrant background of tradition and culture.

Kununurra tracks its past just a few years back to when the Great Ord River Irrigation was created.

They developed this town, within the true meaning of the phrase, for the aim of becoming the town just for the workers and farmers. They bought these into the area during the building of the dam and irrigation system.

Did you know Lived in by Aboriginal people for more than 40,000 years, Kakadu National Park has got around 5000 historical rock paintings sites that are amazing to be able to visit.

On arid land, the Australian government didn’t resign themselves to the belief that farming wouldn’t be probable in the Western region.

They questioned the problems presented by Mother Nature herself. Besides the dam, they even established a couple of man-made lakes to make sure that the farm-lands they would establish wouldn’t go dry.

A definite fact in what had been a very hot and dry environment of unwelcoming lands, Kununurra today includes crops and a green countryside just as far as your eyes can see.

Without a doubt, Australia never ever forgets to keep amazing her visitors.

Lismore and Kununurra are are towns to visit following a satisfying helping of life in the outback.

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