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In the past twenty years global temperatures have risen faster than in the previous 100 years. It may have been even faster than that, but the earth’s historical temperature records vary by location and the data is spotty in some areas. The question is still: What’s causing this temperature rise? Is it us? Are we okay? No one knows for sure. A few theories are appearing, but new climate models are needed to investigate these possible connections.

The Temperature Rise Is Real and Climate Change Is Moving Faster than We Thought


The Temperature Rise Is Real and It's Happening Now

If you’re one of the millions of people who believe global warming is a hoax, then you need to know there’s a problem.

As it turns out, many scientists have been testing the air and water for over 30 years.

The evidence is overwhelming: greenhouse gases are causing temperatures to rise as well as sea levels. Global warming is real.

There’s no denying that climate change is happening; the temperature rise is real. It is having a significant impact on our world, and it’s happening now.

We need to act now if we want to prevent further damage to our environment. This will help to ensure the survival of many species, including our own.

Global warming is so often a word that’s thrown around. And yet there is a disturbing trend towards undercutting that fact with alternative science.

I understand the argument and the evidence presented in many cases.

But often, those who are trying to undermine the validity of man-made global warming aren’t doing it out of pure concern for the environment or even simply to be contrary.

That’s fine, they have every right to believe what they want to believe it. But when misinformation is pushed as fact, that’s when you know there is something else at play.

From the Polar ice caps melting to bleaching corals and global warming, the temperature rise is affecting us all.

By taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint and using sustainable technologies, we can help slow down the damage we’ve done.

And just maybe start to reverse the effects of global warming. Things to consider:

  • Environmental issues affect everyone
  • There is a chance of rolling superstorms
  • Long term implications could be catastrophic
  • Climate change could bring about global issues
  • The polar ice caps are melting faster than ever
  • We’ll begin seeing insane hurricanes and tornadoes
  • There are multiple sources that confirm the temperature rise

What's Causing This Temperature Rise?

The average global temperature will rise by 2.5 degrees Celsius by the end of the twenty-first century – that’s without taking climate change into account.

Some changes are already being seen. The summers in the Northern Hemisphere have become hotter and winters less cold than they used to be, while spring has become warmer and autumn cooler than before.

In many places, precipitation is no longer distributed evenly throughout the year.

Instead, there are now heavy downpours and floods in spring, droughts in summer, and freezes and heat waves in autumn.

These weather extremes damage Earth’s ecosystems such as vital rice crops and threaten farmers’ livelihoods.

Moreover, many cities receive more rainfall than before. This leads to flooding at times when e.g., sewers cannot handle it, putting lives, money, and property at risk.

The temperature rise you are starting to experience is caused by climate change.

Climate change is a long-term trend of rising global temperatures. Global temperatures are expected to continue rising as carbon pollution continues to build up in the atmosphere.

Which in turn increases the amount of heat trapping gases and causes changes in the Earth’s climate.

The recent global temperature rise has climate change theorists pointing the finger at climate disruption—and rightly so.

While some people may disagree about the extent and implications of climate change, we are already experiencing a temperature rise all over the world.

As major institutions begin to act, it’s becoming clearer that combating climate change will require a massive global effort.

Solutions will be hard to find, but we can still do our part by reducing our carbon footprint on the planet whenever possible.

This problem needs to be solved, and it’s going to require worldwide cooperation at the very least.

We’ve all played a part in this major problem by using fossil fuels, so we will all play a part in solving it as well.

Hopefully, with increased awareness of the issue, more solutions can also be provided.

The More Carbon Pollution We Emit, the Warmer It Will Get

But it’s not just about the hotter weather; sharper storms, rising seas and extreme weather will be a reality for all of us.

It will get a lot warmer if we don’t start cutting our carbon pollution.

It’s not just a simple warming trend; it’s an upward climb. And the more carbon pollution and greenhouse gases we spew into Earth’s atmosphere, the faster that climb will be.

The only question is whether we can find sustainable solutions to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

That’s before we have a temperature rise to dangerous levels. Only time will tell.

There are two main factors that will decide how fast the Earth warms in response to rising levels of greenhouse gases. How much we emit and how strong those emissions are.

The more carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gases enter the atmosphere, the stronger their warming effect will be.

Carbon Dioxide Levels Are Increasing

Today, carbon dioxide levels that are in the atmosphere are significantly greater than when humans began the widespread use of fossil fuels throughout the industrial revolution…read more

That’s why it’s so important to prevent future emissions as much as possible and start reducing our current levels right away.

The less we emit, the slower Planet Earth will warm. And the easier it will be to avoid some of the worst consequences of climate change.

When it comes to addressing climate change, we are the ones who hold the power.

We emit the pollution that causes carbon emissions, and we have the power to reduce those emissions.

It’s up to us to stop being complacent, start acting, and help create a better world for ourselves, our children, and generations from now.

There are many small things that individuals can do. However, it’s mostly up to governments to implement policies that reduce carbon pollution.

The choices we make today will decide whether our future is defined by climate catastrophe or by climate resilience. What will your choices be:

  • Invest in solar energy one way or another
  • Figure out how much carbon you are emitting
  • Look for ways to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Find out the amount of pollution you’re emitting
  • You can help by driving less and using energy efficiently
  • Find out the amount of carbon in the atmosphere right now
  • Learn ways to lower the amount of carbon in the atmosphere
  • Use your air conditioning less, turn off appliances when not in use

The Temperature Rise Means the Arctic Is Warming

The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world and outpacing planetary warming in nearly every way.

The Arctic matters because it disproportionately affects Earth’s climate. Sea ice loss can increase ocean temperatures.

Permafrost melt adds to the volume of greenhouse gases already present in our atmosphere.

Warming impacts weather trends around the world; and changes in Arctic conditions are affecting ecosystems.

This is causing animals to migrate northward and changing the very nature of arctic ecosystems.

While much of the region is seeing relatively mild changes in temperature compared to the rest of the world. There are some places experiencing a temperature rise at twice that of the rest of the Northern Hemisphere.

The Arctic is experiencing rapid change. The trend is undoubtedly related to greenhouse gas emissions and the ozone hole.

However, more complicated mechanisms might also be at work in this changing region.

Key questions are still unanswered, but it is crucial for researchers and policymakers to continue to monitor the Arctic’s changing environment.

As the effects of global warming become increasingly clear in this sensitive powerhouse of a region, there are once again both urgency and a greater need for international cooperation.

Climate change has been getting a lot of attention lately.

Yet, if you ask the average person what the real implications of all this talk means, there’s a good chance that you’ll draw a blank stare.

The urgency to act is clear, but it’s hard to manage something that you can’t even see.

How do you convince people to act on a global climate change problem they can’t see? If we can make climate change visible, perhaps our efforts to find solutions will be more effective.

If the arctic stays frozen, it won’t matter what you do in your daily life. So, what are we waiting for?

Do What You Can to Prepare for the Temperature Rise

With the temperature rise we need to be prepared for the world to change slowly.

The melting ice caps will affect weather patterns, causing water shortages and other issues in areas that used to have fresh water.

And rising temperatures will also mean more storms, hurricanes, floods, and droughts. We need to work together to stop this.

We can’t change what is already happening. However, we can work towards a solution that provides relief and even better lives for everyone.

While there are some definite concerns about global warming, the most recent research has shown that we may have greater control over the level of temperatures on the planet than previously believed.

As it stands, predictions for temperature levels vary widely depending on what data is used.

It’s never too late to start making small changes in your life that will improve your chances of surviving a climate change catastrophe.

It won’t happen overnight, and it may not be soon. But if you think the climate is an issue worth thinking about now. Then you can begin preparing for the day when it becomes a necessity.

Adding a little preparation to our daily lives and changing some of the ways we do things will better tailor our lives. Preparing us for a world that is warming faster than anyone could have predicted.

It may not be much (or anything at all) in terms of fixing it, but it’s something that we can all do at least a little bit better.

Ultimately, it’s impossible to know for sure what will happen as the climate continues to warm. However, we can look to other regions and draw parallels between them and our situation.

But regardless of what happens, it’s clear that something needs to be done.

And the best thing all of us can do is try to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions—the main driver of global warming—to the largest extent possible. It just takes a little preparation:

  • Make sure you have proper clothing
  • Make sure you have basic needs covered
  • Learn how to protect your family from the heat
  • Identify the problems related to global warming
  • Make sure your water emergency plan is up to date
  • Check on you or your family members’ health and needs
  • Counter heat with insulating layers, and shingle overlaps
  • Have an outdoor thermometer to check the temperature consistently

Protecting Our Planet Starts in Your Own Backyard

We all know by now the impact that global warming has on the climate. The way we are destroying our planet, animal species extinction and other greatly disturbing facts.

But what if it were possible to reverse climate change in your backyard? How cool would that be?

You could even become an environmental hero and help your health in the process!

We hear about it on the news, see it on TV and hear about it from people who’ve travelled to hot locales. But we don’t think about how we can do something to help.

The reality is that we are causing the temperature rise and we can start fighting it every day in our own backyards.

There is no better way to protect our environment than by doing it ourselves, at the grassroots level. It’s not enough for us to just rely on our governments to take care of our planet for us.

By making small changes in your own life and encouraging others to “go green” as well, we can make a huge difference.

It takes only a very short time for even the smallest of actions to make a difference!

Creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly life in your own backyard is, in some ways, easier than trying to do great things globally.

You think you can’t do much by yourself?

Well, you can, in fact, make a huge impact by taking care of the earth right on your doorstep.

Your daily choices are important. Where you live, the things you buy and use. The food you eat and prepare for others to eat.

These are all part of the equation when talking about climate change.

Fortunately, there are steps we can take to limit the effects of global warming right in our backyards.

From planting trees and using a solar energy system, the temperature rise will be felt much less.


People’s lives are being affected by the rising temperature in a variety of ways. It is having a significant impact on our world right now. If we want to prevent further environmental damage, we must act now. By the end of the twenty-first century, the average global temperature will have risen by 2.5 degrees Celsius.

Global temperatures are expected to rise further as carbon pollution accumulates in the atmosphere. The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world, outpacing global warming in almost every way. The only question is whether we can find long-term solutions to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels before temperatures reach dangerous levels. Individuals can do a variety of small things.

Temperatures in some areas are rising at twice the rate of the rest of the Northern Hemisphere. Key questions are still unanswered, but it is critical that researchers and policymakers continue to monitor the changing environment of the Arctic. Perhaps our efforts to find solutions will be more effective if we can make climate change visible. It is impossible to predict what will occur as the climate continues to warm.

Whatever happens, it’s clear that something needs to be done. And the most important thing we can all do is try to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. It only takes a little planning. There are steps we can take right in our own backyards to mitigate the effects of global warming. The temperature rise will be felt much less because of tree planting and the use of a solar energy system.

The climate is changing, world weather records are broken one after another. The temperature rise is affecting the lives of people in many ways.

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