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Coastal Erosion

The Rising Threat: How Coastal Erosion is Reshaping Our Shores

Coastal erosion is quietly reshaping our shores, transforming how we interact with our beautiful coastlines. Every wave and storm eats away at the land, where many of us live, work, and play. We’re taking a look at why this is happening faster in some places than others and what it...

Solar Panels

The Impact of Clean Energy on The Climate Crisis

What is the potential of clean energy sources? Renewable energy offers a different solution to tackle climate change. Whereas fossil fuels increase the concentration of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, like carbon dioxide, solar and wind power are greenhouse gas-free. This means that replacing coal or natural gas with solar...


Climate Change And Health How Will It Affect You?

Climate change is already having a significant impact on people’s health. We are seeing more heat waves, which put a strain on our bodies. We are seeing longer allergy seasons, which cause more asthma attacks and other respiratory problems. We are seeing increased exposure to more pollution that can trigger...


Are You Feeling The Health Impacts Of Climate Change?

Have you ever worried about the impacts of global climate change on people? I know I have. All this time we’ve been so worried about the wildlife. Most of us tend to forget that people are directly affected by a changing global climate. The effects can be devastating. So, we...


The Temperature Rise And Climate Change

Climate change is real, and it’s happening. You’ve heard it all before. But why do we still act surprised when extreme weather or climate changes begin happening? It’s like waking up to a continuous nightmare. The one in which no matter what we do, the temperature just gets higher and...

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