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Extreme Temperatures: Heatwaves Push Humanity to Its Limits

Imagine stepping outside and feeling like you’re wrapped in a thick, hot blanket that you can’t shake off. This isn’t just summer turning up the heat; it’s something more intense and scary. Across the globe, heatwaves are cranking temperatures to record highs, pushing us to our limits. Our bodies, homes,...

Heat Vulnerability

Heat Vulnerability: A Rising Global Concern

Heat vulnerability is becoming an increasingly critical issue worldwide. As global temperatures rise, regions across the planet are facing extreme heat events more frequently. These events pose significant risks to public health, especially in densely populated urban areas and vulnerable communities. Factors like ageing infrastructure, inadequate cooling facilities, and limited...

Climate Change And Mental Health

Climate Change and Mental Health: The Hidden Connection

Climate change and mental health are intricately connected, yet this relationship is often overlooked. The consequences of a warming planet impact not only our physical environment but also our psychological well-being. Here, we explore the hidden connection between climate change and mental health, discuss direct and indirect effects, research findings...

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Climate Change and Human Health

The effects of climate change are wide-spread and can be seen in different areas of our lives. There are many studies that show the immediate effects of climate change on human health, one of which is through worsening infectious diseases. How Changing Climate Conditions Are Affecting Human Health Climate Change...

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