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Acid Rain

Acid Rain: What Is It and What Are Its Effects?

Acid rain is a form of pollution that occurs when pollutants, such as sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides released into the atmosphere. These pollutants react with water and oxygen in the atmosphere to form acids. When these acids are released as rain, snow, fog, or mist, they are referred to...

Overgrown Greenhouse

How Greenhouse Gases Affect Our Planet

Greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, water vapour, and methane, are essential to life on Earth. As they trap heat and radiation from the sun, they help regulate the Earth’s climate. But when too much of these gases are released, they can cause the planet to heat up, leading to...

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What Exactly Is Acid Rain?

Acid rain is a large-scale problem that can harm our soil, plants, waterways, and the environment. The composition of acid rain comprises liquid droplets or condensed water vapour that contain chemicals like sulphur dioxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, and ammonia. Some of these compounds are emitted into the atmosphere by...

Tree Die

What Happens When Acid Rain Falls On The Environment

Regular rain isn’t normally dangerous and can provide some benefits to the environment. However, when rain becomes acid rain, problems arise. Also called acid precipitation, acid rain is considered a type of pollution and has been known to cause damage to plants, animals, and buildings. What Happens When Acid Rain...


There Are Ways That You Can Help To Stop Global Warming

There are so many ways to help stop global warming, but which are the best and most effective? We want to know what we can do to help the situation, but at the same time many of us feel helpless at making any real changes. There are many things we...


The Effect Of Acid Rain On You And The Environment

Acid rain is caused by sulphur, nitrogen, and other acidic compounds. The rain could also be caused by dust which is related to smog. This rain disturbs the roots of plants and destroys the living organisms in water. This rain dissolves and weakens rocks including sandstone and limestone. These acidic...

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