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Earth's Climate

Earth’s Climate It’s Changing, Here’s How We Can Help

Earth’s climate, a complex and dynamic system, encompasses an array of atmospheric phenomena. Driven by natural forces and human activities, it continuously evolves, shaping the planet’s diverse habitats. From polar ice caps to tropical rainforests, Earth’s climate influences ecosystems, weather patterns, and ultimately, human civilisation. Understanding its intricate mechanisms is...


Deforestation Will Increase and Worsen Global Warming

Deforestation is the destruction of forests by human beings, and it’s one reason global warming has accelerated over the past five decades. Humans cut down trees for many reasons, including agriculture and the production of paper. Human-caused global warming is a threat to many species of plants and animals that...


Average Temperatures On Planet Earth Have Risen

Average temperatures on this planet of ours really have been rising. The world is getting warmer. And no, this isn’t a drill. Or an exaggeration by the media. The world has been gradually warming since the end of the last Ice Age thousands of years ago when fluctuations in climate...


Deforestation and Climate Change

More than 17 million acres of forest are lost each year, which is considered destruction on an astronomical scale. Deforestation and climate change go hand in hand. It’s estimated that we’ve destroyed over half of the world’s rain forests. These forests are home to millions of animals and plants and...

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