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Renewable Energy

Lighting Up the World with Renewable Energy

Imagine a world where our cities, homes, and devices gleam with energy that doesn’t harm our planet. That’s the promise of renewable energy! Harnessing the mighty power of the sun, the graceful dance of the wind, and the relentless rush of water, we can light up our world in harmony...


Can Alternative Energy Replace Fossil Fuels?

Fossil fuels are finite energy sources. As we continue to use them, we will see significant increases in cost and a steady decline in easily available resources. Alternative energy sources being developed today have the potential to meaningfully impact our lives tomorrow, but many people have no idea what they...


Act Now against Rising Sea Levels

Many coastal areas worldwide are already threatened by increasing sea levels and coastal flooding. With climatic consequences that can drown neighbourhoods, endanger people’s lives, and wreak economic havoc. This pace of sea-level rise is predicted to accelerate as ice sheets melt and ocean heat content rises in response to increasing...

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