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Wind Energy

Renewable Energy Can Power Your Home All Year Round

When you are using gas or oil to heat your home, it’s costing you far more than you think. If you’re worried about high energy bills, and the effect they have on the environment, you should consider switching to renewable energy. By heating your home with an oil or gas...


Ever Used Solar Energy? 10 Great Benefits of Using Solar

Solar energy is one of the resources that has enabled our civilisation to advance significantly. We use the sun’s energy for a lot of things, and we seldom give it a second thought. But what are the benefits and how can they help in our daily lives? Ever Used Solar...


Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Now

Carbon dioxide emissions from the combustion of oil-based fuels, such as petroleum, in internal combustion engines account for most ‘greenhouse gas emissions’ from transportation. However, we are currently experiencing unusually rapid warming caused by human activities, particularly the combustion of fossil fuels, which emits greenhouse gases. Greenhouse Gas Emissions It's...

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