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Earth Hour

Which Factors Determine Earth’s Climate

Earth’s climate has always been changing. But the concerns about its current state come from abrupt changes in the environment that have coincided with mankind’s industrialisation. While we know that humans have brought about some of these changes, researchers are still trying to study what causes them and how they...

Cooling Tower

What Is The Impact Of Carbon Dioxide On Global Warming?

Within the context of global warming, carbon dioxide (CO2) is a dangerous greenhouse gas. It has many different sources, including emissions from industry, transportation, and industrial activities. One common belief is that as CO2 levels in the atmosphere increase, temperatures across Planet Earth rise as well. What Is The Impact...


The Causes Of Greenhouse Effect You Need To Know

Greenhouse gases play a vital role in global warming and climate change. The greenhouse effect occurs when the sun’s rays are absorbed by the earth, warming up the planet’s surface and in turn, releasing heat. This natural release of heat results in air rising from the ground level into the...

Dry Land

The Consequences of Global Warming

Melting polar ice caps lead to rising sea levels. A rise in the seriousness and frequency of storms and other extreme weather events may be caused by global warming. Unfortunately, human-caused carbon dioxide emissions are now more extensive than at any point in history. This exacerbates the ‘greenhouse effect’ and...

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