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Extreme Weather

Harnessing the Storm: Innovative Solutions to Combat Extreme Weather

With climate change ramping up, our weather is getting more unpredictable and dangerous. Thankfully, brilliant minds worldwide are working on solutions that not only predict these threats but also protect communities. From advanced forecasting tools to sturdy infrastructural changes, we’ll cover how these innovations are making a big difference. Join...

Global Warming

It’s Not a Theory, Sea Level Rise Is Already Happening

Sea level rise is a real phenomenon! It’s happening now and it’s affecting our homes, our property, and our lives. You may think sea level rise is a theory or may wonder how it’s likely to affect your area. Right here we will give you facts, and comprehensive information so...

Result of Hurricane Irma

Extreme Weather Due to Global Warming

Extreme weather patterns can cause a lot of damage to a community. This is because these events are not only destructive but also unpredictable. Within this topic, climate change is a significant factor for the occurrences of these disasters. Climate change is the change of the earths average surface temperature...

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