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Industrial Pollution

How Does Industrial Pollution Impact Air Quality?

Factories are working non-stop, producing all sorts of goods, but at the same time, releasing smoke and chemicals into the air. This isn’t just about a hazy skyline; it’s about the air we all breathe. From smoggy cities to invisible toxins. Industrial pollution changes the air in ways that touch...

Wind Energy

Renewable Energy Can Power Your Home All Year Round

When you are using gas or oil to heat your home, it’s costing you far more than you think. If you’re worried about high energy bills, and the effect they have on the environment, you should consider switching to renewable energy. By heating your home with an oil or gas...


Ways We Can Reduce Carbon Dioxide In The Atmosphere

Each year, we are experiencing increasingly harsh weather and higher temperatures than ever before. The rise in our planet’s temperature comes from one thing: carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide can come from many different places. By making some simple changes and amendments to your daily life,...


Simple Ways to Save the Environment You Can Action Now

The environment is changing and it’s all because of us. We’re burning fossil fuels, cutting down trees, polluting water sources and making landfills bigger. How can we fix this? Well, there are a million things you can do to help but I’ve got a few easy tips for saving the...

Oil Industry

Enough Fossil Fuel Consumption

According to climate scientists, the single-most dangerous potential influence on our climate is our fossil fuel consumption. By burning carbon-based fuels, we are releasing massive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere at a rate which far exceeds what happens in the natural carbon cycle. These elevated levels of CO2 result...

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