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Sea Ice

The Rapid Decline of Sea Ice Is a Global Emergency

Sea ice decline is an issue of critical importance for the Arctic and global climate. The Arctic Ocean is warming twice as fast as the rest of our planet, which has led to rapid sea ice loss over the past few decades. Since 1979, we’ve lost about half of our...

Acid Rain

Acid Rain: What Is It and What Are Its Effects?

Acid rain is a form of pollution that occurs when pollutants, such as sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides released into the atmosphere. These pollutants react with water and oxygen in the atmosphere to form acids. When these acids are released as rain, snow, fog, or mist, they are referred to...

Lago de Limides

The Global Effect Of Our Weather And The Atmosphere

Our weather and the atmosphere can have a large impact on our lives. Not only does it affect how we dress but also affects the way we interact with one another. I’m sure you have experienced something bad, such as extreme rain or thunder, that prevented you from leaving the...


Melting Glaciers and Why You Should Now Start to Worry

Melting glaciers have been a problem for some time now, but it appears that more and more people are finally starting to worry. Glaciers have been a source of inspiration and awe to mankind for centuries, with many landmarks being named after them as they have stood proudly against nature’s...


Why We Should Worry about Global Sea Ice Extent

Sea ice is one of the biggest indicators for climate change. A new study shows that we may be underestimating sea ice extent. The figures are alarming and show the stunning pace of change in one of Planet Earth’s largest systems. What can be challenging is figuring out how climate...

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