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The Changing Climate Could Be Prevented

There are many reasons to act against the changing climate. Some of the most pressing are environmental issues, including (but not limited to) a rise in sea levels and the melting of polar ice caps. These things will have a huge impact on the ecosystems of Planet Earth. And it...


Now You Can See How Climate Change Impacts Us Right Now

While global warming is an issue we’re all familiar with, we don’t often think about the immediate impact of climate change on our daily lives. The effects will vary by region, and even from season to season. However, when you stop to think about it, there’s some compelling evidence that...

Global Warming

It’s Not a Theory, Sea Level Rise Is Already Happening

Sea level rise is a real phenomenon! It’s happening now and it’s affecting our homes, our property, and our lives. You may think sea level rise is a theory or may wonder how it’s likely to affect your area. Right here we will give you facts, and comprehensive information so...


Temperature Rise Real and Happening Now

In the past twenty years global temperatures have risen faster than in the previous 100 years. It may have been even faster than that, but the earth’s historical temperature records vary by location and the data is spotty in some areas. The question is still: What’s causing this temperature rise?...

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