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Emperor Penguins

What Happens If The Antarctic Ice Sheet Collapses?

In recent years, more and more people have started sharing concerns about the future of the world as we know it. These worries range from natural disasters to political protests, but today I’d like to focus on another reason why people are worried: the possibility of the Antarctic Ice Sheet...

Global Warming

It’s Not a Theory, Sea Level Rise Is Already Happening

Sea level rise is a real phenomenon! It’s happening now and it’s affecting our homes, our property, and our lives. You may think sea level rise is a theory or may wonder how it’s likely to affect your area. Right here we will give you facts, and comprehensive information so...


The Impact of Global Warming Is Going to Cause Problems

If you follow any of the news about the environment, then you know that there is a debate going on right now about global warming. Even as some studies are proving that our changing climate will be detrimental to our planet, there are also others who are refuting the same....

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