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The Climate Crisis Is Real So Do Something About It

There’s no agenda in calling it what it is, the climate crisis. Not every foot of our land is flooded and not every inch of our home is under water. But we are experiencing serious climate problems right now. The truth is that we can solve the climate crisis. Yet...


The Importance Of Sustainability To Us And Planet Earth

There’s never been a time more urgent to talk about sustainability. The more we take, the less planet Earth can give. We have reached a crisis point and we need to change our ways – now. Our planet is in serious trouble, so let’s do something about it. We’ve lived...


Ever Used Solar Energy? 10 Great Benefits of Using Solar

Solar energy is one of the resources that has enabled our civilisation to advance significantly. We use the sun’s energy for a lot of things, and we seldom give it a second thought. But what are the benefits and how can they help in our daily lives? Ever Used Solar...


Simple Ways to Save the Environment You Can Action Now

The environment is changing and it’s all because of us. We’re burning fossil fuels, cutting down trees, polluting water sources and making landfills bigger. How can we fix this? Well, there are a million things you can do to help but I’ve got a few easy tips for saving the...


What Is Environmental Health?

If you’re like me, you want to feel good about the efforts you make to do your part. Sure, there are plenty of ways that I can help improve environmental health in my day-to-day life, but I’m not always sure what those things are. You might be thinking the same...

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The Earths Climate Is Changing

The earth’s climate is constantly changing through natural processes. The earth experiences long cycles of warming and cooling, and in the past century, humans have had a role in this global warming. Even before industrialisation and widespread pollution, the earth was still warmer than it has been at other points...

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