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Deforestation’s Hidden Impact on Endangered Species

Deforestation is the clearing of natural forest land. It’s an issue beyond the realms of just being a problem for the rainforests and the people who live there. It is a concern that has worldwide repercussions and affects Planet Earth on many levels. While its impact is global, locally it...


The Most Destructive Human Activities For the Planet

You’ve probably heard of man-made global warming and maybe even the battle to stop it. But what about the other destructive human activities for the planet? While some people are working hard to raise awareness about climate change, there are still others burning huge amounts of fossil fuels, depleting natural...

Forest Fire

The Dangers And Problems Caused By Deforestation

Deforestation is a much bigger problem than most of us are aware of. The more we learn about it, the more we must do something to help stop it from happening. Our planet depends on forests for the many things we need to survive daily. However, there are several problems...


Things You Didn’t Know About the Causes of Deforestation

Do you know how many different causes of deforestation there are? There are more than a few and are mostly related to human activity. Some of these causes were the original reasons that large forested areas were cleared initially. This means the problem of deforestation is rooted in our own...


Deforestation and Climate Change

More than 17 million acres of forest are lost each year, which is considered destruction on an astronomical scale. Deforestation and climate change go hand in hand. It’s estimated that we’ve destroyed over half of the world’s rain forests. These forests are home to millions of animals and plants and...

Deforestation Impact

Deforestation Understand What Its About

Deforestation, climate change, and global warming aren’t just words to be thrown around to look smart. They’re words that have serious consequences on the natural environment immediately and for generations to come. The effects can already be seen across the planet through rising sea levels, species extinction and more. The...

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