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Earth's Climate

Earth’s Climate It’s Changing, Here’s How We Can Help

Earth’s climate, a complex and dynamic system, encompasses an array of atmospheric phenomena. Driven by natural forces and human activities, it continuously evolves, shaping the planet’s diverse habitats. From polar ice caps to tropical rainforests, Earth’s climate influences ecosystems, weather patterns, and ultimately, human civilisation. Understanding its intricate mechanisms is...

Hurricane Damage

Why The Weather and Climate Are Changing

You might have heard that the weather is changing. But why and how? Humans are causing the climate to change, and there’s a problem with that. The average temperature on Planet Earth has increased by more than 1°C since pre-industrial times and is expected to rise even more in decades...


Why The Arctic Sea Ice Is Melting, And Why It Matters

The Arctic Sea Ice is melting, and with it goes half the planet’s polar bears and thousands of original species. It also matters if you live anywhere warm and want to survive the next Millenia. Melting of the sea ice is a symptom of global warming caused by human activity,...

Earth Hour

Which Factors Determine Earth’s Climate

Earth’s climate has always been changing. But the concerns about its current state come from abrupt changes in the environment that have coincided with mankind’s industrialisation. While we know that humans have brought about some of these changes, researchers are still trying to study what causes them and how they...


The Causes Of Greenhouse Effect You Need To Know

Greenhouse gases play a vital role in global warming and climate change. The greenhouse effect occurs when the sun’s rays are absorbed by the earth, warming up the planet’s surface and in turn, releasing heat. This natural release of heat results in air rising from the ground level into the...

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