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The Climate Crisis: What We Can Do

The climate crisis is threatening the future of our planet. We see the effects of global warming and climate change in extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and severe droughts and floods. Climate change is real and dangerous, but we can all do something to stop it. It’s going to...

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What Exactly Is Acid Rain?

Acid rain is a large-scale problem that can harm our soil, plants, waterways, and the environment. The composition of acid rain comprises liquid droplets or condensed water vapour that contain chemicals like sulphur dioxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, and ammonia. Some of these compounds are emitted into the atmosphere by...

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What Happens When Acid Rain Falls On The Environment

Regular rain isn’t normally dangerous and can provide some benefits to the environment. However, when rain becomes acid rain, problems arise. Also called acid precipitation, acid rain is considered a type of pollution and has been known to cause damage to plants, animals, and buildings. What Happens When Acid Rain...


10 Ways To Reduce Your Personal Carbon Footprint

Have you ever thought about your carbon footprint? Have you wondered what the average person’s carbon footprint is? It’s shocking how much energy we waste daily. I’ve created a list of 10 ways that you can reduce your own personal carbon footprint and save money while doing it! 10 Ways...


Will Acid Rain Affect Soil And The Quality Of Our Food?

Since the industrial revolution, air quality has been taken for granted and as a result, it has become a problem. We are all aware of what impact pollution has on us. Air pollutants can lead to lung cancer and other cardiovascular diseases. A significant portion of atmospheric pollutants is acidic...

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