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The Unseen Impact of Climate Change on Global Health

Climate change is challenging all of us to find new ways to meet, adapt and mitigate the impact it is having on our planet. The effects are huge and many of them are yet to be discovered and understood. One of the major areas that has been a topic for...


The Health Impacts of Global Warming You May Not Know

Most of the discourse around global warming includes talk of how it will affect weather patterns, species and wildlife, food production, and conditions like drought and flooding. But what about human health? You may have heard that climate change is going to increase heat-related deaths, or that mosquito-borne illnesses will...


8 Reasons You Should Be Concerned About Global Warming

If you have read anything about global warming. Even if it was just a single comment on an article online. You have probably heard that our planet is getting warmer. For years we have been told we are all contributing to the problem. This is true, and most climate scientists...


Are You Feeling The Health Impacts Of Climate Change?

Have you ever worried about the impacts of global climate change on people? I know I have. All this time we’ve been so worried about the wildlife. Most of us tend to forget that people are directly affected by a changing global climate. The effects can be devastating. So, we...


How Climate Change Is Affecting Human Health

There are many effects of climate change on human health. Rising temperatures, changing precipitation patterns, and extreme weather events. These all threaten the health of millions of people every year. No matter whether it be a direct health effect such as heat-related illness or indirect impacts resulting from malnutrition, food...

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