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Can Climate Change Be Reversed, What You Need to Know

Climate change is a major issue. We are facing the problem of a potential planetary meltdown if we don’t change something soon. The way of living that the human species has been forcing on Planet Earth, including mass extinctions and pollution, is going to put a stop to humanity if...


Carbon Footprint And Sustainability

Carbon footprint and sustainability are two topics that cover one big problem. Both are subjects that are close to my heart, and that are often overlooked. It’s not just a hot topic or fad in the media anymore but an issue that we should take very seriously. We must start...

Polar Bears

Will The Earths Changing Climate Affect Your Life?

The reality of Planet Earth’s changing climate is becoming harder to deny with each passing year. The effects of global warming are becoming more obvious and widespread than ever before. Even in areas where the dangers of climate change are plainly apparent, the debate about what should be done about...

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