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Sustainable Living

Simple Steps to Jumpstart Your Sustainable Living Journey

Sustainable living is the conscious choice to reduce one’s environmental impact by making eco-friendly decisions in daily life. By adopting practices like conserving resources, minimising waste, and supporting ethical consumption, individuals can create a positive impact on the planet. This lifestyle not only benefits the environment but also promotes personal...

Sustainable Living

Making The Switch: The Benefits of Sustainable Living

People are slowly waking up to the fact that our current lifestyle is unsustainable. Our practices at home, work and play are eroding the natural resources of this planet. If we want to see our grandkids grow up, we need to change our habits. Switching to more sustainable living not...


What Will Happen If We Don’t Protect the Environment?

We are living in a world that can destroy everything slowly and constantly. Global warming, pollution and so on. Pollution is the process of making the environment dirty and unhealthy to live in by using more of something than it is capable of naturally recovering. The most important thing we...


Deforestation and Climate Change

More than 17 million acres of forest are lost each year, which is considered destruction on an astronomical scale. Deforestation and climate change go hand in hand. It’s estimated that we’ve destroyed over half of the world’s rain forests. These forests are home to millions of animals and plants and...

Industrial Plants

What Are Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Carbon dioxide emissions are an incredibly important and often overlooked issue. Many people don’t think that they, as an individual, have an impact on climate change. I’m here to tell you that you do and how you can take steps to reduce your carbon dioxide emissions. How Much Carbon Dioxide...

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The Earths Climate Is Changing

The earth’s climate is constantly changing through natural processes. The earth experiences long cycles of warming and cooling, and in the past century, humans have had a role in this global warming. Even before industrialisation and widespread pollution, the earth was still warmer than it has been at other points...

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