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Why The Climate Crisis Is About To Get Much Worse

I see two possible futures for humanity. One — our species manages to survive the next couple hundred years and achieve something resembling a utopian society. Two — we end up killing ourselves off before then, just as many other well-developed civilisations have before us. Think of this terrible scenario...


Yes, It’s True, Plants Need Carbon Dioxide And So Do We

There are many reasons for an increasing level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. One of the fundamental reasons is that plants need carbon dioxide to survive. Therefore, it’s good to plant trees and other plants to take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They use it for growth, development, and...

Industrial Plants

What Are Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Carbon dioxide emissions are an incredibly important and often overlooked issue. Many people don’t think that they, as an individual, have an impact on climate change. I’m here to tell you that you do and how you can take steps to reduce your carbon dioxide emissions. How Much Carbon Dioxide...

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