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Plastic Pollution

Plastic Pollution, A Growing Global Problem

We all use it, and it seems none of us can live without it. Plastic is everywhere in our daily lives, seemingly impossible to avoid. However, with the problems associated with plastic pollution in our oceans and landfills growing ever worse, many people are starting to realise that we can...

Red Umbrella

What Exactly Is Acid Rain?

Acid rain is a large-scale problem that can harm our soil, plants, waterways, and the environment. The composition of acid rain comprises liquid droplets or condensed water vapour that contain chemicals like sulphur dioxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, and ammonia. Some of these compounds are emitted into the atmosphere by...


How Do You Deal with The Changing Climate

There are a lot of unknowns surrounding global warming and the most common questions posed to scientists are “is it real?”, “what are the causes?”, and “what is going to happen?” These questions have no simple answers, but that should not deter us. What can be done is small changes...


Deforestation’s Hidden Impact on Endangered Species

Deforestation is the clearing of natural forest land. It’s an issue beyond the realms of just being a problem for the rainforests and the people who live there. It is a concern that has worldwide repercussions and affects Planet Earth on many levels. While its impact is global, locally it...

Abandoned Mine

Human Activity Does Affect the Ecosystem

One of the major problems we have in our world today is the damage humans are causing to the ecosystem. That said, humans affect ecosystems through farming, fishing, and driving. And with the way our population is rising, we are using up many of the available resources at an alarming...


We Need to Reduce the Pollution We Create

The environment is important to everyone, including you and me. However, it’s not something that people talk about every day. We tend to think it’s all going to take care of itself — that pollution is just something we can’t control. The truth is, we can all make changes in...

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