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Sustainable Alternatives

Sustainable Alternatives for Common Household Items

Have you ever stopped to think about the everyday items in our homes and how they impact the environment? Well, it’s a topic worth diving into. From our trusty plastic toothbrushes to those clingy plastic wraps, many common household items can be pretty tough on Mother Earth. But fret not!...


Human Activities That Cause Pollution We Need To Stop

Many human activities contribute to pollution in our air, water, and soil. This includes burning fossil fuels, forest clearing for farming, chemical processes for manufacturing products and waste disposal. Government bodies regulate some kinds of pollution, but some are not officially regulated and can occur in any industry or community....


Most Common Sources of Air Pollution Around the World

Air pollution comes in many shapes and forms. Some of it is a nuisance, some can cause serious health problems and others still may even be life-threatening. So how do you know which sources are which? Well, I’m here to help you understand the most common sources of air pollution...

Polluted Beach

The Most Common Causes of Pollution

Waste is a big problem, and the causes of pollution are not hard to find. Pollution stems from sources such as human waste, industrial waste, household waste, mining waste and chemical waste. All these forms of waste can be found in some form or another in water or land. Some...

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