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Understanding Tinnitus and How to Manage It

Understanding Tinnitus and How to Manage It Millions of people worldwide suffer from the common condition of tinnitus. It can range from a mild nuisance to a chronic, debilitating condition. Tinnitus cannot be cured, but there are therapies and lifestyle adjustments that can help control the condition’s symptoms. In this...

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Hearing Loss Is More Common Than You Think

Hearing Loss Is More Common Than You Think Hearing loss is a common issue that affects people of all ages. It can range from mild to severe and can have a major impact on how a person communicates with others and can even lead to social isolation. It is important...


Lipreading Hearing with Your Eyes

Lipreading for Beginners, Hearing with Your Eyes, and Never Miss a Word Again Lipreading, also known as speechreading, is a method of understanding speech that involves visually interpreting movements of the face, lips, and tongue when normal sound is unavailable. Although hard of hearing and deaf people use lipreading the...

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What Are the Causes of Hyperacusis

What Are the Causes of Hyperacusis, an Increase in Sensitivity to Everyday Sounds? Hyperacusis is a hearing condition in which sounds that are typically audible to most people become excessively loud. You may also experience head or ear pain, generalised physical discomfort, and aggravation in response to stimuli, regardless of...

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Hearing Loss Affects Your Life

The Hidden Risks and How Hearing Loss Affects Your Life and Ways You Can Manage and Treat It It is critical to understand how hearing loss affects your life. Your hearing is essential in your personal life, profession, and even physical health and safety. Because it is invisible, it is...

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When Tinnitus Gets Worse

What Does It Mean When Tinnitus Gets Worse and the Things You Can Avoid? When tinnitus gets worse, it can significantly influence your daily life since it makes it difficult to focus on work, sleep, and engage in conversation. Young people wearing earbuds to listen to music and members of...

Fluid In The Middle Ear

Fluid in the Middle Ear

What Are the Reasons for Fluid in the Middle Ear, and How Is It Treated? Ear infections can be chronic, reoccurring, or the fluid in the middle ear might persist for months after the infection has resolved. If the fluid cannot drain due to eustachian tube obstruction, a condition known...

Taking Care Of Your Hearing

Taking Care of Your Hearing

Do Not Put It off until It's Too Late; You Need to Start Taking Care of Your Hearing Now To protect your ears, wear earplugs or tailored hearing protection if you are ever exposed to loud noises. It is critical to safeguard your hearing whenever you are exposed to loud...

Do You Have Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Do You Have Sensorineural Hearing Loss?

What Is Sensorineural Hearing Loss Also Called Sshl, and How You Can Treat It Sensorineural hearing loss is a persistent disorder that affects your capacity to hear quiet sounds and lowers the sound’s quality. The conventional treatment pathway for people with sensorineural hearing loss is to use hearing aids to...

Will Your Hearing Loss Be Cured

Will Your Hearing Loss Be Cured?

People's Expectations for Their Hearing Health Care and Will Your Hearing Loss Be Cured If your hearing loss is caused by ageing or excessive noise, it is classified as sensorineural hearing loss. No cure has to date been identified for this loss, and the best course of action is to...

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