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Plastic Pollution

Our Planet is Choking: The Drowning Danger of Plastic Pollution

Every day, millions of tons of plastic waste end up in our oceans, choking marine life and disrupting ecosystems. From tiny microplastics to floating islands of trash, the problem is everywhere. But there’s hope! By understanding the impact of plastic pollution and making simple changes in our daily lives, we...


The Silent Invader: How Plastic is Destroying Our Oceans

You’ve probably heard whispers about a silent invader – plastic. It’s everywhere, from the deepest ocean trenches to our favourite beach spots. Unseen but ever-present, it’s wreaking havoc on our marine life and ecosystems. So, let’s sail together on this journey, understanding how this synthetic sea monster is silently swallowing...


What Everyone Should Know About Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse gases are a by-product of human activity. They warm the atmosphere and make Earth’s climate change. Although there are many different greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide is the most important one. So, what should you know about these gases? In this post, we’ll explore the basics of greenhouse gases, including...

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