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Hotter Than Ever: Unprecedented Heatwaves Sweeping Across Continents

Heatwaves are hitting harder than ever, sweeping across continents and breaking temperature records along the way. From North America to Europe to Asia, the scorching heat is more than just a summer nuisance—it’s a serious threat. This intense weather affects our health, disrupts economies, and challenges the way we live....

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather Events: Nature’s Unpredictable Fury

Extreme weather events, such as hurricanes, heatwaves, and floods, have increased in frequency and severity because of climate change. These events pose significant risks to human life, property, and ecosystems. Understanding the causes and impacts of extreme weather is vital for effective adaptation and mitigation strategies. By raising awareness and...


Why The Climate Crisis Is About To Get Much Worse

I see two possible futures for humanity. One — our species manages to survive the next couple hundred years and achieve something resembling a utopian society. Two — we end up killing ourselves off before then, just as many other well-developed civilisations have before us. Think of this terrible scenario...


Why Climate Change Is The Reason For Extreme Heatwaves

When I think about my childhood, it’s hard to imagine that it was ever hot. The days when I would run around outside without a care in the world are long gone. Now, extreme heatwaves are becoming more and more common. This is due to climate change—a phenomenon that is...


The Climate Crisis Is Real So Do Something About It

There’s no agenda in calling it what it is, the climate crisis. Not every foot of our land is flooded and not every inch of our home is under water. But we are experiencing serious climate problems right now. The truth is that we can solve the climate crisis. Yet...


What Global Warming Does To Planet Earth

You’ve probably heard of global warming and how it affects planet Earth. But what is it? Global warming is the increase in the Earth’s average surface temperature due to rising levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Year on year it continues to increase, until one day you realise that...

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