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Earth Hour

Which Factors Determine Earth’s Climate

Earth’s climate has always been changing. But the concerns about its current state come from abrupt changes in the environment that have coincided with mankind’s industrialisation. While we know that humans have brought about some of these changes, researchers are still trying to study what causes them and how they...


Natural Causes of Global Warming That Should Concern Us

Global temperatures have been rising steadily in recent decades, almost certainly due to human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. But natural factors — including volcanoes, changes in the Earth’s reflectivity or its orbits around the sun — could also be to blame for some or perhaps all of the warming. Regional climate...


How Volcanoes Are Having a Huge Impact on Climate Change

When it comes to climate change we don’t often think of volcanoes. There is evidence to suggest that our planet’s history has been shaped by the eruptions of giant volcanoes. Volcanic eruptions can cause short-term cooling and longer-term warming, depending on the amount of ash, sulphur dioxide, and other particles...

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