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Plastic Pollution

Plastic Pollution, A Growing Global Problem

We all use it, and it seems none of us can live without it. Plastic is everywhere in our daily lives, seemingly impossible to avoid. However, with the problems associated with plastic pollution in our oceans and landfills growing ever worse, many people are starting to realise that we can...

Health Impacts

The Health Impacts of Our Changing Climate

A changing climate will have serious health impacts around the world. More frequent extreme weather events, longer droughts, worsening air quality, vector-borne diseases and food security issues are just some of the health risks that people in affected countries already face today. The Health Impacts of Our Changing Climate Health...

Earths Climate

Understanding Earths Climate and Its Impact

Earths climate is changing…and we’re to blame. Or at least, that’s what most of us humans believe. It’s easy to look at rising temperatures, melting ice sheets, and intensifying weather patterns as a sign that we need to do something fast. But what do all three have in common? People....

Man On Beach

The Unseen Impact of Climate Change on Global Health

Climate change is challenging all of us to find new ways to meet, adapt and mitigate the impact it is having on our planet. The effects are huge and many of them are yet to be discovered and understood. One of the major areas that has been a topic for...


Poor Air Quality Affects Everyone

It might surprise you to learn that the air you breathe is killing you. Breathe in those particles coming from industrial plants and vehicle exhaust fumes and your risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer goes up. Poor air quality has been linked to a long list of health issues...


Climate Change And Health How Will It Affect You?

Climate change is already having a significant impact on people’s health. We are seeing more heat waves, which put a strain on our bodies. We are seeing longer allergy seasons, which cause more asthma attacks and other respiratory problems. We are seeing increased exposure to more pollution that can trigger...

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