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Coastal Erosion

The Rising Threat: How Coastal Erosion is Reshaping Our Shores

Coastal erosion is quietly reshaping our shores, transforming how we interact with our beautiful coastlines. Every wave and storm eats away at the land, where many of us live, work, and play. We’re taking a look at why this is happening faster in some places than others and what it...

Climate Change

Climate Change, How It’s Devastating our Coastal Ecosystems

Climate change is a pressing issue today. Essentially, it means long-term shifts and changes in temperature and weather patterns. One major area affected is our coastal ecosystems. These areas include beaches, marshes, and coral reefs. Because of rising sea levels and warmer waters, these vital habitats face threats. For example,...

Global Warming

It’s Not a Theory, Sea Level Rise Is Already Happening

Sea level rise is a real phenomenon! It’s happening now and it’s affecting our homes, our property, and our lives. You may think sea level rise is a theory or may wonder how it’s likely to affect your area. Right here we will give you facts, and comprehensive information so...

Climate Change

What Causes the Global Average Temperature to Rise

Are we seeing global average temperature rise as a direct result of human activity? Yes. How much have we raised the global average temperature over the last few centuries? The answer is “too much.” What will be some of the effects of rising global temperature, and climate change? You don’t...

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