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Why The Climate Crisis Is About To Get Much Worse

I see two possible futures for humanity. One — our species manages to survive the next couple hundred years and achieve something resembling a utopian society. Two — we end up killing ourselves off before then, just as many other well-developed civilisations have before us. Think of this terrible scenario...


What Is The Future Of Earth’s Climate?

The future of Earth’s climate is something that is often debated. What will our weather be like? How will sea levels fluctuate and how will this impact coastal regions? Scientists have been studying and puzzling out the mysteries of Planet Earth’s climate since they started looking at it, hundreds of...


Now You Can See How Climate Change Impacts Us Right Now

While global warming is an issue we’re all familiar with, we don’t often think about the immediate impact of climate change on our daily lives. The effects will vary by region, and even from season to season. However, when you stop to think about it, there’s some compelling evidence that...

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Will The Earths Changing Climate Affect Your Life?

The reality of Planet Earth’s changing climate is becoming harder to deny with each passing year. The effects of global warming are becoming more obvious and widespread than ever before. Even in areas where the dangers of climate change are plainly apparent, the debate about what should be done about...


How Climate Change is Affecting Endangered Animals

You’ve probably heard about endangered animals, but have you ever thought about how climate change affects them? One of the main effects of climate change on endangered animal habitats is that it sometimes causes plants and animals to move or shift their location. Today, many are trying to save plants...


Ways You Can Make a Difference to Global Climate Change

Global climate change is an inevitable reality. When we cut down too many trees or burn fossil fuels, we contribute to climate change in the long run. It’s important to understand the nuances of this phenomenon and what you can do about it. Ways You Can Make a Difference to...

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