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Carbon Emissions

Carbon Emissions Worldwide: What Are Their Primary Sources?

Whether it’s cars zooming by, power plants in the distance, or vast areas being deforested, these activities are adding more carbon dioxide to our atmosphere than you might think. Why does this matter? Well, it affects our climate and our health. By identifying the main culprits behind these emissions, we...

Acid Rain

How are Buildings and Monuments Affected by Acid Rain?

You’re taking a stroll through your favourite city, admiring the stunning buildings and monuments that tell stories of the past and present. Now try to imagine those very symbols of history and art slowly losing their charm and strength. This isn’t just a thought exercise; it’s happening around us due...


Extreme Temperatures: Heatwaves Push Humanity to Its Limits

Imagine stepping outside and feeling like you’re wrapped in a thick, hot blanket that you can’t shake off. This isn’t just summer turning up the heat; it’s something more intense and scary. Across the globe, heatwaves are cranking temperatures to record highs, pushing us to our limits. Our bodies, homes,...

Urban Heat Island

Urban Heat Island: Climate Change’s Impact on Our Weather

Imagine walking through your city on a summer day, feeling the heat radiate from buildings and streets. This isn’t just any heat – it’s the ‘Urban Heat Island’ effect, a phenomenon where cities become much hotter than their rural surroundings. It’s like the city is wearing a winter coat in...

Heat Vulnerability

Heat Vulnerability: A Rising Global Concern

Heat vulnerability is becoming an increasingly critical issue worldwide. As global temperatures rise, regions across the planet are facing extreme heat events more frequently. These events pose significant risks to public health, especially in densely populated urban areas and vulnerable communities. Factors like ageing infrastructure, inadequate cooling facilities, and limited...


Why Escalating Heatwaves Demand Urgent Response

Heatwaves are cranking up the temperature across our planet, and it’s a big deal. Imagine the hottest day you’ve ever felt. Now, picture it getting even hotter and lasting longer. That’s what’s happening more often nowadays. These scorchers aren’t just about sweating more or cranking up the AC. They’re seriously...

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