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Climate Change

How Global Warming Affects the Environment

What exactly is global warming? In a nutshell, it’s an increase in Planet Earth’s average surface temperature because of Greenhouse Gases trapping heat. This can cause problems for wildlife and the environment. While many worldwide efforts are helping combat the effects of global warming, the scientific consensus is that Planet...


Climate Change And Health How Will It Affect You?

Climate change is already having a significant impact on people’s health. We are seeing more heat waves, which put a strain on our bodies. We are seeing longer allergy seasons, which cause more asthma attacks and other respiratory problems. We are seeing increased exposure to more pollution that can trigger...


The Truth About How Air Quality Affects Your Health

The world has lost a lot of its natural places due to urbanisation and industrialisation. These changes have also led to a decline in air quality. But why should we worry? What is the relationship between air quality, health, and climate change? The Truth About How Air Quality Affects Your...

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