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Urban Planning

Can Urban Planning Reduce a City’s Carbon Footprint?

Have you ever wondered if the way cities are designed can help fight climate change? Well, it turns out, urban planning plays a huge role in reducing a city’s carbon footprint. From bike lanes that encourage cycling to green spaces that soak up CO₂, the blueprint of a city can...

Yellowstone Canary Spring

Make A Difference, Carbon Footprint and Its Reduction

Carbon footprint and its reduction, to some people, sounds drastic. Yet here we are producing a lot of undesirable outputs. Things like garbage, heat and carbon dioxide need to change if we ever want to reduce global warming. But the environment has been getting it in the neck lately and...


Simple Steps To Help The Prevention Of Global Warming

There’s a problem in the world. You knew it was there, you just didn’t know how bad it was or how you could help make it better. That problem is global warming, and while it may seem like an insurmountable one, we’re not giving up on it that easily. There...

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