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Disappearing Sea Ice and Its Impact on The Environment

Climate change is a reality. The earth is getting warmer, and humans are contributing to this increase in temperatures. Effects include the melting of glaciers, the rise in sea levels, and shifting of ocean currents. One major thing that this warmer climate has led to is the melting of sea...


Sea Ice Meltdown Is Worse Than First Thought

There has been a sharp decline in the sea ice covering the Arctic. That should come as no surprise to most. Except, it seems, to scientists who now say that recent melting is far faster and far greater than previously thought. Researchers have said that previous findings were wrong, and...


Why The Arctic Sea Ice Is Melting, And Why It Matters

The Arctic Sea Ice is melting, and with it goes half the planet’s polar bears and thousands of original species. It also matters if you live anywhere warm and want to survive the next Millenia. Melting of the sea ice is a symptom of global warming caused by human activity,...


Understanding How And Why Sea Ice Is Important

With the Earth’s temperatures rising and glaciers melting and sea levels increasing, it’s no wonder that we’re interested in what is happening with the planet. As innovative and technologically advanced as we are, there are still many things that scientists don’t understand about our environment. One of those things is...


Endangered Species Are Being Affected by Climate Change

You may have heard about the plight of certain animals due to climate change – Polar bears, snakes and lizards all face an uncertain future if a solution isn’t found. The situation is so serious, in fact, that there is even a list of endangered species that are being affected...


Why We Should Worry about Global Sea Ice Extent

Sea ice is one of the biggest indicators for climate change. A new study shows that we may be underestimating sea ice extent. The figures are alarming and show the stunning pace of change in one of Planet Earth’s largest systems. What can be challenging is figuring out how climate...

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