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Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Conservation: A Call to Protect Biodiversity

Ever marvel at the beauty of a soaring eagle or get mesmerised by the dance of dolphins? Wildlife Conservation is all about protecting these amazing creatures and their homes. Think of it as nature’s VIP club, where we’re all bouncers guarding the velvet rope! This isn’t just about saving the...

Human Activity

Human Activity Causes the Loss of Plants and Animals

The disappearance of plants and animals due to human activity is a global issue that affects us all. The loss of biodiversity has serious consequences for our planet, including climate change, food security, and ecosystem services such as pollination. The main causes for this loss are habitat destruction (destruction or...


What Deforestation Does To The Environment

Contrary to popular belief, deforestation is not a good thing. Although trees are indeed being cut down, it’s for a reason: to clear the land for farming, building and other reasons. But it turns out that deforestation can be bad for the environment. A lot of species are getting killed...


Reasons Why We Must Stop Environmental Pollution Now

Every single second, millions of people are surviving in the world but slowly dying. Slowly, because this death is a slow and painful one. They die every day without even knowing, and it’s not a normal death. It’s a permanent, slow poisoning to death. Yes, a slow poisoning caused by...

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