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Reasons Why We Should Care About Acid Rain

Humans have made a lasting impact on the world, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the environmental disasters we face. One of the most serious problems facing us today is acid rain – a result of our industrial age. Acid rain is no longer just a scientific theory...


Is Acid Rain Harmful to Humans? Some Little-Known Facts

Acid rain is a real problem that affects the entire planet. Acid deposition occurs when sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide gases are released into the atmosphere from sources like power plants or factories. These gases then react with water, forming sulfuric acid and nitric acid in the clouds above us....


Will Acid Rain Affect Soil And The Quality Of Our Food?

Since the industrial revolution, air quality has been taken for granted and as a result, it has become a problem. We are all aware of what impact pollution has on us. Air pollutants can lead to lung cancer and other cardiovascular diseases. A significant portion of atmospheric pollutants is acidic...

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