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Signs of Hearing Loss What Should You Do?

Are you showing signs of hearing loss? being hard of hearing is not something to be ashamed of. The problem is that it has become so closely associated with old people; with individuals who have to use walkers and canes and who have lost the ability to understand what is being said to them, that there seems to be quite the stigma attached to losing one’s hearing.

So much so that many individuals with signs of hearing loss will continue to deny that there is anything wrong.

Table of Content

1. Signs of Hearing Loss Should Not Be Ignored
2. So What Are The Causes and Signs of Hearing Loss
3. We Need Our Hearing
4. Loud Noise and Hearing Loss

Signs of Hearing Loss

Signs of Hearing Loss Should Not Be Ignored

Even once they have been diagnosed they still tend to refuse to take advantage of any devices or procedures that are offered to them and so many go for years in a sort of haze of mushy sound before they will finally admit defeat and slip a hearing device into their ear or agree to the newest kind of medical procedure.

That’s just it you see, there are plenty of procedures and devices that can help someone who has lost the ability to hear to at least gain back a part of their sense of hearing if not their entire ability.

Indeed, today’s hearing devices are so accurate and precise that you may find yourself hearing better than you ever did before; provided of course that you have specific signs of hearing loss.

There are some kinds of hearing impairment that cannot be treated successfully either by medical procedures or by helpful hearing devices due to the nature of the impairment and that part of the auditory system that has been damaged.

But it helps to have a firm grasp of the human auditory system and how it works so that you can understand the signs of hearing loss and why some types of hearing aids and procedures work while others do not.

So What Are the Causes and Signs of Hearing Loss

If the problem with one’s hearing has to do with the outer or middle ear there are procedures that can be undertaken to help you regain your sense of hearing, even surgery that can correct conditions that you may have been born with.

Reflecting Our Children’s Deafness Diagnosis

Given that their first born son, Landon, was born hearing, Ayden’s hearing loss came as a surprise to the Hyder family. They knew that Ayden didn’t pass the newborn screening test right away, while they were still in the hospital. Initially, they received the same narrative most families receive: the test was failed due to fluid in the ears.

It would go away eventually. The words of the doctors went against what Melissa and Matt felt. They knew that there was something more going on, but didn’t exactly know what it was. A couple of months later, Ayden was diagnosed with a mild hearing loss.

[Source Hearing Like Me]

If the damage is to the inner ear; the cilia or to the auditory nerve or even to the parts of the brain where the signals from the ear are translated into the concept of ‘sound’.

But how do these signals get from the outside air where they are rattling around as random sound waves to the brain where they are processed into specific sounds and assigned not only meaning but a position in space as well as in time.

This ability to assign a sound meaning has been one of the primary factors in enabling humans as a species to adapt to their surroundings; indeed it has enabled them to evolve faster than might otherwise have been possible.

We Need Our Hearing

It is of primary importance to an animal (and humans are a type of animal at their most fundamentally basic) to be able to identify not only the prey they are hunting, but also the position of a predator that may be creeping up on them.

Of course other mammals also have the ability to hear and they have not developed in the same way that humans have, but there are plenty of other considerations that came to play, such as the specific niches that these other mammals had evolved in order to fill.

Deaf Groom Gets Cochlear Implant Just in Time for Wedding

David Alianello had experienced severe hearing loss for most of his life, but he wasn’t going to let that get in the way of his wedding day. The 34-year-old teacher, who was born with congenital hearing loss, decided to get a cochlear implant to restore his hearing just in time for his big day, with his wife-to-be Cortney and daughter Skyli by his side during the procedure.

[have a peek here Honey]

So what exactly can damage one’s hearing, and how can this kind of damage be avoided? and how can you recognise the signs of hearing loss.

While some types of hearing loss can occur due to illnesses (measles and mumps are two of the biggest offenders when it comes to hearing damage). The use of certain kinds of drugs can also cause the first signs of hearing loss, including the overuse of aspirin.

Then of course there are the kinds of damage that can occur through injury where the auditory nerve or the processing centers of the brain are damaged.

Loud Noise and Hearing Loss

And finally there is the loss of hearing that occurs when one is exposed to sudden loud noises or the creeping sort of hearing loss that occurs when you are exposed to noises within the dangerous range of human hearing more often than is good for you.

You experience permanent damage to the tiny hair-like cilia in your inner ear; a loss that prevents sounds from coming through clearly or being able to be differentiated from other sounds, another of the signs of hearing loss.

While there are any number of ways that one can lose their sense of hearing (or develop hearing problems) thankfully there are also a number of ways to treat hearing problems, and even if there is permanent damage, there are plenty of resources available both in real life and online.

But you must recognize the signs of hearing loss and act upon them.

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