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Sardinia Heaven in the Mediterranean

The beautiful island that’s Sardinia is positioned just off the western coastline of Italy slightly below Corsica another Mediterranean island.

What Is the Most Beautiful Part of Sardinia?

Sardinia is the second-largest island of the Mediterranean, and it extends around 250km’s north to south, and 110kms across.

Italian certainly is the principal language on this widely varied island though you will find that parts of this island have established dialects of their very own right from Catalan in Alghero and Campidanese within the south, even French and English is spoken here.

The particular landscape on this spectacular island can be quite diverse, from sparkling white sandy beaches around the coastline towards mountainous territory with the central areas of this island.

Did you know Sardinia is among the world’s very first recognised “blue zones” – a location where you can find a unique number of individuals who make it to the ages of 100. This particular blue zone consists of 17 communities within the Nuoro province at which male centenarians, that mainly work as shepherds or farmers, are 10 times more usual compared with the U.S.

Through cities such as Cagliari within the south to older coast towns including Alghero in the north, you’ll find an assorted range of architecture as well as traditions. Around Nuoro, in the centre of Sardinia, you’ll find towns and communities, which have been totally unchanged through time.

The isle has a beautiful selection historical remains such as the Nuraghes; this is a rock like building that is amongst examples of the earliest structures ever seen.

Typically, the dishes of Sardinia can be just as diverse as the landscape having an expected wealth of seafood’s that are found around the coast; this includes what are considered the most excellent lobster anywhere.

This being said; however, the classic dishes of Sardinia could be present in a land whereby the palate is going to be tantalised with wild boar, roast-suckling pig, along with the classic Sardinian sausage.

The beaches of Sardinia are an element that has to be seen. Crystal clear water along with pristine sand, which extends for many kilometres, Sardinia definitely is a bit of heaven in the Mediterranean.

Having a quite short winter in addition to a long summer season, the opportunity of holidays all year round is enormous.

Did you know Have you ever heard the saying sardonic grin? Well it’s got scary beginnings in Sardinia when a plant, Oenanthe crocata, or simply hemlock water-dropwort, a perennial which flourishes close to rivers and ponds, was used during pre-Roman days to help kill old people that became an encumbrance, producing a grin or smile of sorts upon the corpse’s face.

You will find; however, stringent regulations set up in Sardinia to protect the landscape and simply not let the island become excessively developed.

As an example, building new real estate around the coast has become limited not to permit any kind of construction inside 3 km’s from the sea, and you will find several other strict restrictions for the height of structures so they won’t hinder the terrain.

This all ensures that just what presently is available in Sardinia can be used to maximum potential without having the peace on the island compromised.

Are You Ready for Sardinia?

All of the panoramas, beach locations and scenery of Sardinia are without a doubt amazing and more than enough for taking your breath away. There are plenty of places for you to explore throughout this beautiful island.

While in the southern region, you could experience cities such as Cagliari where you could have exposure to a few stunning landscapes and mountain vistas.

With the north of Sardinia, you’ll be able to visit Alghero. This particular location is renowned for its beautiful buildings and customs. Visitors throughout the world, especially visit Sardinia to travel to Alghero.

Did you know If you find casu marzu is on the menu in Sardinia, think about whether you’re ready to try to eat it. It’s a cheese full of living maggots. On account of, what could be regarded as clear health risks, those people with the EU European Food Safety Authority now have banned this , spoilsports.

If you’re one of all those people that would like to look into an area that’s unchanged through holidaymakers, you can go to Nuoro. This particular place is additionally called the beauty of Sardinia. You will be able to discover many stunning villages as well as small communities 800mts above sea-level.

Beaches of Sardinia have pristine sand together with clear blue waters that happen to be a total joy to behold. All these beach locations are the perfect location to dedicate some quality time together with your family and friends.

You will find beachfront accommodation available on just about every beach destination in Sardinia where you could vacation and relish this fantastic experience.

We suggest for your enjoyment the following ‘Coast to Coast’ itinerary of Sardinia, starting from Cagliari, following the western coast and then through northern Sardinia, and finally back down again along the eastern coast as far as the southern extremity of Villasimius.

The gateway to Sardinia is a colourful city built on seven hills which slope down towards the sea. If your trip begins in Cagliari, we suggest you spend a few hours (or even a few days) strolling through its narrow streets in the historic quarters.

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Sardinia beaches are likewise legendary for water-based activities. Get ready to enjoy snorkelling, surfboarding as well as para-gliding.

One of the benefits of Sardinia could be that the weather conditions are excellent for the majority of the year. As a result, you don’t need to hold back for the summertime to travel to Sardinia.

The central portion of the overall income originates from travel and leisure here in Sardinia. This just goes to show you how glorious weather contributes to local business.

Did you know The actual Costa Smeralda was the spot that James Bond drove his Lotus Esprit from the sea in the film ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ in 1977

Maybe the hotels on the beach fronts aren’t for you, then you should take a look at beach apartment rentals as well as villa rentals. All these rentals tend to belong to the locals and are offered at very affordable prices.

For those sea-food fans, Sardinia has many places to eat that enable you to enjoy tasty sea-food together with the typical mood of Sardinia.

The island is furthermore renowned for its nightlife. You can find several nightclubs, bars and pubs where you could enjoy your evenings along with excellent music and refreshments that will be good enough to transport you to new heights.

What Else Is There That You Can Do in Sardinia?

The exceptional group of twisting tracks and clear roadways is to be enjoyed by the ready cyclist. The weather on Sardinia is perfect for bicycle trips, particularly in springtime and the autumn months.

The particular coast flatland is excellent for novices and also for relaxed riding, yet the hilly parts of this island require stamina and even physical fitness from the cyclists.

To uncover the appeal of this island walking is most effective and there are a variety of hiking alternatives. Designated paths are available, and you will find quite a few well-guided trips.

The actual Supramonte massif is amongst the most breathtaking of trekking locations and continues to be one of the most desolate not to mention challenging areas in Europe.

Did you know It’s believed that until just a few decades back Euthanasia had been applied around the island through an chosen woman known as Feminina Accabbadora. The simple truth is, there’s no proof of this specific process, which may have impacted a few Sardinian areas including Marghine, Planargia, and Gallura.

You will find modest gorges, magnificent chalk rocks, broad plateaus as well as tucked away canyons within a continuous expanse of pure beauty. The actual green peaks of the Gennargentu Mountains can be more foreboding if compared to the Supramonte’s domination.

Hilly Barbegia’s combined vegetation is similar to the hilly spread of Germany apart from the large numbers of visitors. Views of the nearby coast via the top of Punta La Marmora the highest summit of Gennargentu, as well as Sardinia, is without question fantastic.

Probably the deepest canyon, Gola di Gorrpou is incorporated in the Gennargentu. Marmilla Mountain has the benefit of a lot of excellent trekking that is well suited for kids.

You’ll find so much wildlife perfect for your family hikes featuring a natural splendour. You can find free picnic sites and also very well designated paths in the Monte Sette Fratelli Nature Park at the heart of the location, and it’s among the very last areas to be able to find Sardinian deer.

It really is worth exploring the areas around the coast also.
The sailing in Sardinia offers incredible exposure to a massive selection of remote coves, beach locations not to mention rock formations.

Hardly any section of Sardinia is the same as another right from Costa Verde dunes all the way to the coves and spectacular cliffs of Cala Gonone.

This island can be nirvana for windsurfers and also the northern area of Sardinia is most recognised for windsurfing; however, the southern parts of Sardinia can likewise present excellent wind combined with wave conditions.

Among the most exceptional windsurfing locations throughout Europe is found at Porto Pollo on Sardinia.

Scuba divers are generally drawn by the caverns, shipwrecks, vibrant seas which present a few of the options while in the northern area of the island. Divers are going to discover an underwater web of caverns as well as tunnels that have stalactites along with corals within the North West close to Capo Caccia.

Typically, the diving trips to La Maddalena Park are suitable for newcomers and also snorkelers since the water in this region is just 10 metres deep, and it’s very clear having a seaweed seabed and coral reefs.

Did you know The particular Island Of Asinara, which is now a national park, located in the north-west of Sardinia has enjoyed a fascinating past, used as a prisoner of war camp, and during the 1970s, the prison camp amenities were reprocessed to keep mafia members as well as terrorists.

Just about, the most highly recommended golf course in Sardinia would be the Pevero which is popular with residents and travellers. All the golf courses are excellent together with beautiful surroundings.

Free climbing and para-gliding are definitely the 2 extreme sporting activities sought after here the preferred sites are Barbagie and also Ogliastra. More locations also present outstanding challenges, for example, Gallura, Montiferru and Marghine-Planargia.

Horseback riding for the children and also adults is available, with rides through the fabulous hill landscapes as well as beaches.

This remarkable place is excellent for you to throw yourself into a completely new daily life, leaving behind your worries, and stresses, have fun with your visit to Sardinia.

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