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Oil Industry

Enough Fossil Fuel Consumption

When you think about it, we’re all part of the solution. Our actions help reduce fossil fuel consumption leading to a healthier planet for all.


Health Impacts of Pollution

Everyone is affected by pollution, you can learn about the harmful health impacts of pollution on our planet, our bodies, and our children.


Human Caused Climate Change

Scientific evidence proves that human caused climate change is real, and now the governments of the world, at last, are finally acting.

Beach Trash

We Must Reduce Pollution

If we all worked together, people would buy fewer products made from pollution, and everyone can play a big part to help reduce pollution.

Arctic Expedition

What Makes Sea Ice So Important

As climate change causes temperature changes and impacts weather patterns, the sea ice surrounding Antarctica is starting to disappear.

Man With Umbrella

The Earths Climate Is Changing

Earth’s climate matters because it gives us food, air to breathe and water to drink and we must protect it for all life, human or animal.


Whats Your Carbon Footprint?

How much energy we use, the kind of food we eat and how big our houses are have a direct impact on the environment and our carbon footprint.

Smoking Chimney

Poor Air Quality May Affect You

Poor air quality may seem like a thing that has no impact on you, but actually, it has a more profound effect on your health than you realise.