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Things You Should Know Out and about in Ireland

Ireland may well occupy a rather small area in this world, about the same geographical dimensions as Indiana USA, yet it’s huge when talking about striking scenery, vibrant heritage, spectacular castles and engaging folk-lore.

Historical Sites of the Emerald Isle

Ireland’s history goes back to around 6,000 BC and along with its stunning countryside, rugged shores, exciting cities, and those historical sights, there’s something for everybody.

All the unique rolling green landscape of the Emerald Isle’s terrain is more than enough to resuscitate any tired traveller bringing them once again to life with a relaxing beauty and fresh new welcome.

Right from unusual stone formations to thousand year old church buildings.

Ireland’s landscape is a patch-work of the most interesting remains of a special, however tumultuous history.

Did you know A pot of soup and stews really are popular Irish meals. The traditional Irish stew can be quite satisfying and filling, having ingredients such as potatoes, onions, carrots, lamb and bacon.

We should remember the sprinkling of happy pubs that will get you singing folk-songs with a trademark glass of stout in no time.

Irish pubs are acknowledged through the entire world for their ambiance and the warmth of welcome. And for remaining the meeting place for like-minded people that find themselves looking for high quality dialogue, fun, music and great food.

The counties of Cork and Kerry, including such towns as Kinsale, Killarney, Dingle all claim to have the most diverse and spectacular scenery within the country.

Take yourself on a nice long walk down the local pathways and roads, rent a bike, and ride along the scenic thirty mile Dingle Loop. Cruise for a day on to the Blasket Islands, or perhaps enjoy a nice Irish breakfast and just wander around the town.

On your travels you’ll come across the signs of ancient Celtic culture and Viking invaders such as stone-circles, and monoliths.

Burial-mounds known as Court Cairn and Tumuli are found throughout the landscape.

The most spectacular stone circle would be The Lios that’s in Limerick, this goes back to 2000 BCE and given a very spooky feeling from the places considerable overgrowth and twisted trees. The large circle is 150 ft across and linked to a longer stone lined pathway leading to 2 additional small circles close by.

View the magnificent Cliffs of Moher, kiss the Stone of Eloquence that’s in Blarney, or drive along the famous Ring of Kerry.

Find out about the history and production of Guinness, and then get a 360 degree view of Dublin, while you’re savouring a pint, from the roof-top Gravity Bar.

The People Certainly Know How to Welcome a Stranger

There’s no doubt that Ireland’s landscape is better experienced in one of the numerous castles or even B&B’s.

Once you travel to Ireland, make sure you visit Leap Castle, however maybe not an over-night one, since it has gained the recognition for being by far the most haunted castle that’s in Europe.

Discover all the unusual and often grisly 400 year history along with its “Bloody Chapel.”

Upon leaving behind the haunted halls, absorb a bit of traditional Irish scenery by working your way along the paths of Mount Brandon.

Did you know Dublin was identified as a Viking settlement during the 10th century and, in spite of numerous strikes from the native Irish, it continued to be mostly within Viking control till the Normans invaded Ireland coming from Wales in 1169.

A long way down below, the lengthiest expanse of soft sandy beach in Ireland will come in and out of view and also up in the mountains you will come across steep cliffs which drop-down into a lake filled valley.

The encompassing Dingle Peninsula boasts 2 attractive beach front towns set up against the soaring peaks looking over Brandon Bay.

A coast adventure you should not miss in County Clare is the Cliffs of Moher.

All these plunging coastal cliffs have a high attendance and hence best savoured early evening while the sun sets across the water and listening to the waves of the Atlantic Ocean pounding the rocks down below.

Knowing very little about the Emerald Isle but its unique history, beautiful landscape, and friendly people dazzled me.

Ireland, Land of Enchantment

“Do you have Irish ancestors?” This is normally the first thing people ask me upon finding out I went on holiday in Ireland. In most cases, the person asking has Irish roots and is happy to meet a fellow Irishman. And maybe they’ve found one in me. Maybe.

Prior to my vacation in Ireland, I had no connection to Ireland, or any other ancestry. At six weeks old, I was adopted by the most delightful, loving parents who helped me grow up without attachment to any particular heritage. In fact, my upbringing shaped me into a person who feels part of anywhere and everywhere all at once.

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Ireland, a beautiful country together with the Irish people that are so inviting, friendly, and humorous.

When you have only the week to tour Ireland, you must see its many features. But still have time to chill out and enjoy all the Emerald Isle’s awe-inspiring scenery and meeting its friendly people.

A great Irish holiday isn’t perfect without enjoying Dublin’s innovative rock-scene or staying in Galway to find out what is brand-new in jazz, literary works and creative art throughout one of the numerous festivals.

A fabulous harbour city that’s on the west coast of Ireland, Galway has a beautiful coast, friendly people including an exciting and inviting city where having a good time is inevitable.

Ireland Is a Beautiful Country

I’d often been told Ireland is a beautiful country having friendly people. That it is, however I do not think I had been ready for the wide range of magnificent scenery every day.

Getaway into the rich countryside, enchanting cities, and the people of Ireland in the low-season so you can experience everything with no crowds and minus the high-season rates.

Whenever you travel among all these towns within the east, south and west of Ireland, you’ll get the chance to discover the most beautiful scenery that Ireland has got to offer.

A major European cultural city, Cork is a beautiful location in the south-west of Ireland besides a have to see while touring in the south of this country.

Did you know If there’s the one thing which Dublin has lots of, it’s pubs. The truth is, there are far more than a thousand pubs within the city. Pubs tend to be a part of Dublin’s culture and history, right from meeting places to pubs at which deals are fashioned by political leaders and business people, to places whereby local people remember and grieve.

Experience all the wonders of Galway Bay flanked by the Burren region, the Cliffs of Moher.

Look out at spectacular Connemara over the water along with the Aran Islands lying along the mouth of the world famous inlet.

An important small port town that’s on the Dingle Peninsula within the southwest of Ireland, Dingle can be a feature of any tour of Ireland.

Clare, a county found in the West of Ireland, will at each turn highlight its wonderful countryside, which has several famous World Heritage sites that call this county home.

You will drive away from Dublin throughout the beautiful landscapes of this island, visiting places including Kerry and Galway.

Stay using traditional Irish Hotels with your visit to Ireland to get a welcoming Irish experience.

Get together with the local people at the hotels bar, savouring locally made Irish dishes.

Experience the fantastic scenery just on the door-step of those superb hotels, aside from the superb scenery, Ireland is a enriching experience.

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