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Lanzarote, Enjoy a Fun-Filled Holiday on This Stunning Island

Holidays to Lanzarote, come with many of the finest beaches in the Canaries and spectacular volcanic landscapes to explore. Travel to the sun-soaked Spanish island for a memorable getaway you won’t forget.

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1. A vacation to remember in Lanzarote.
The unspoilt beaches of Lanzarote.
3. So much to do and enjoy in Lanzarote.
4. Lanzarote has got you covered.

A Vacation to Remember in Lanzarote

Moving away from the beautiful beaches on the coast, Lanzarote’s interior offers sheer drama with its lunar volcanic landscapes. This volcanic island provides you with towns filled with palms, stunning beaches, whitewashed houses, cacti aplenty, and fresh seafood.

Look closer at those rugged slopes, and you’ll see a diverse range of rich flora and fauna – so celebrated that the whole island has been given the status of ‘biosphere reserve protected site’ by UNESCO, for its incredible volcanic landscapes and beaches. For this reason, and more besides, Lanzarote holidays are special.

Lanzarote, for Incredible Geography

In volcanic terrains and pristine beaches are all activities and plenty of things to do for travellers of all ages. Lanzarote is a paradise for surfers, with perfect waves year-round and it has been said that the island was a part of the lost city of Atlantis.

The north-easternmost of the islands, Lanzarote, has fun resort towns, otherworldly volcanic features, and historic attractions make it a fantastic place to visit. In more recent years, the island has attracted a burgeoning sports-oriented market, with runners, hikers and cyclists bolstering the already healthy board sports scene.

You won’t want to leave this island without heading inland to see Lanzarote’s dramatic volcanic scenery; it needs seeing to be believed. Wine buffs are also well catered for here, thanks to the island’s wealth of stunning vineyards that produce rare wines.

  • The Canary Islands still have active volcanoes.
  • The best views are available from the Mirador del Río.
  • Take a picnic to enjoy to one of the many beaches or parks.
  • A popular vacation island for people from all across the world.

Here there are a huge variety of places to visit on a short trip from any point of the island, a wide range of water sport activities, lots of entertainment and fun. It’s a surreal island – one you need to visit yourself to get a sense of just how very different it is from just about any other place on earth.

Lanzarote’s growing popularity as a destination for independent travellers has inspired local councils to improve the local sights and signpost some of the most spectacular walking trails. An excellent family holiday to Lanzarote comes with a ton of nice things to explore and do.

There are many golden sand beaches

It offers family-friendly resorts and a wide variety of accommodations, services, and beaches alongside real tranquillity. Lanzarote is the easternmost and northernmost island off the coast of Africa.

There’s a temptation to ask why this island appears on a mountaineering site, but the geology of Lanzarote can tell us a lot about the formation of mountains by volcanism and erosion. Lanzarote is a lot more than your average sun, sea and sand holiday destination.

The Unspoilt Beaches of Lanzarote

You’ll find probably that the best beaches in Spain are spread across the 7 islands. What’s more, thanks to Lanzarote’s proximity to Africa, the island’s beaches stay warm all year round.

Spending long, lazy-days on a beach, soaking up the sunshine, you’ll find everything needed for a lazy, laid-back beach holiday in the sun. Sunshine, stunning beaches and warm waters are just the beginning.

Rain Is Scarce, Resulting in a Dry Climate

Unusually for a volcanic island, many of the beaches are of golden sand and even white sand. And rugged rocky beaches hug translucent waters begging for a swim.

Like many other eastern islands, Lanzarote has a choice of golden beaches the western islands can only look upon with envy. Considering its size, Lanzarote does well on the beach front.

Is Lanzarote a Party Island?

As a popular all year round holiday spot, Lanzarote is famous for its vibrant nightlife. In terms of clubbing, it’s not quite as hectic as Tenerife or Ibiza. However, there’s still a perfect mix of Lanzarote bars to suit everyone. No matter if you’re a party all night person or prefer something more chilled out.

The unusual volcanic soils of Lanzarote welcome you, and the island’s tranquillity invites you to disconnect and recharge your battery during the long, sunny days. The island receives, on average, just 18 days of rain per year, making it a top-rated destination for sun-seekers.

A part of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote is probably one of the most exclusive destinations there. Some say this island paradise has something exceptional, something different.

The island itself is small – you could drive the length of it in an hour. You’ll find loads of opportunities for drives around the gorgeous scenery on the island.

There are beaches and sparkling pure blue waters

The beaches at Argeles are sandy and lovely, and Collioure is a charming town with shops and a great weekly market. Famara Beach is famous for its wind and ideal surfing conditions. If you’re an experienced surfer and would like to practice the sport whilst on holiday, head to the beaches at Jameos del Agua.

With a golden stretch of sand separating the azure sea from the mountains behind, nearby Papagayo beach is a favourite with holiday-makers seeking a warm retreat. The main attraction of Lanzarote, though, is its incredible geography.

So Much to Do and Enjoy in Lanzarote

With rocky, wild volcanic landscapes, arriving in Lanzarote can feel like landing on the moon. It’s also known for its black volcanic reefs, and gives its name to the island’s only airport.

The houses were all white, the volcanic earth was black, and the coral reef waters around the island were so blue. Dormant volcanic craters lie all over the island, with one free to access just near Blanca Beach.

Enjoy an Amazing Trip to This Warm, Volcanic Island

One way to visit the volcanic landscapes of Lanzarote is to take a bus tour at the Montanas del Fuego.

It may seem surprising to see vineyards amongst the black volcanic earth, but wine has been produced here for over 200 years. There are organized tours, and depending on the area, you can find museums, shops or restaurants where you can taste the delicious wines.

  • Visit the nature defying vineyards.
  • For a high octane night out, Puerto del Carmen.
  • The Islands were created by ancient volcanic eruptions.
  • The national park has seven beautiful beaches.

You probably weren’t expecting the local wine to be up to much on the Canaries, but you would be wrong. You’ll find the slopes of the highest volcano, Montana de Guardilama, covered with hundreds of little man-made pits containing one or two wine plants.

There are plenty of landmarks and wineries across Lanzarote, and though the food is Spanish in flavour and design, it has its own island charm. A top-rated wine on the island is Malmsey, which has a rich, sweet taste and is brought out after dinner.

It’s the right place to just kick back, and relax on the beach, enjoy a timeless atmosphere and the beautiful sights of traditional white houses and volcanic landscapes. As early as the 18th and 19th centuries there have been volcanic eruptions on the island, and the dry climate means this volcanic landscape appears much as it did just after the eruptions.

Make use of the superb windsurfing conditions.

Among the places of interest in Lanzarote, you cannot miss the Cueva de Los Verdes, space, made possible by the efforts of artist Cesar Manrique, where you visit part of a volcanic tube. From the stunning white sands of the north to the dark volcanic sands of Puerto Del Carmen, an amazing contrast that’s unique to Lanzarote.

The ideal destination for a family or those who would rather stay away from the holiday-package destinations. Couple that with many unique animals, a bizarre landscape and vegetation not found anywhere else in the world and any island will probably get on my to-see list.

Lanzarote Has Got You Covered

Central Lanzarote, between the windier north and the sunnier south, can be said to have the most moderate climate on the island. Lanzarote’s climate does vary dependent on where you are – that said, it has the most consistent climate of all the islands of the archipelago, making it a favourite winter holiday destination.

It’s believed to have been the first Canary Island to be settled. Besides the native bats and the mammals which accompanied humans to the island, there are few vertebrate species on Lanzarote.

The Fourth-Largest Island, and the Closest to Africa

Most of continental Europe is characterized by cold weather during the winter months, so the Canary Islands represent an excellent choice for a sunny holiday in December or January. There are also scheduled flights available to some of the other Canary Islands, to the Spanish mainland, and to a few international locations.

The Atlantic Ocean is believed one of the best attractions in the Canary Islands and the warm waters lapping Lanzarote is very good for enjoying any water sport. Lanzarote is a popular holiday destination for travellers from all over the world, and it has been awarded for its tourism development model.

With Lanzarote resorts, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Holidays here promise warm breezes and dry climate, perfect for days at the beach.

Is the Tap Water Ok in Lanzarote?

Avoid the tap water for drinking in Lanzarote. The majority of the population use bottled water for drinking, coffee, tea and cooking. All tap water in Lanzarote is technically up to EU standards, but as it is desalinated seawater, it doesn’t taste too good and has also been treated with chlorine.

Other close by destinations include the smaller islands of Montana Clara, Alegranza, and La Graciosa. The Canary Islands are recognised as one of the top holiday destinations in Europe during the colder months thanks to the superb climate here.

Puerto del Carmen is a town with plenty of beachside activities by day, and plenty of shopping opportunities and sightseeing, plus bars and restaurants by night. There’s a harbour, Caleta del Sebo, to which a ferry from Orzola in the north of Lanzarote, sails three times a day.

You wont come to the Mirador del Rio restaurant for just a average selection of sandwiches and pasta, but for the surreal combination of architecture and location. The island also offers the possibility of enjoying water sports, such as windsurfing or scuba diving, and bike rides and Teguise has the best beaches and trails.

The perfect destination for those with a family

Meanwhile, teenagers and parents alike who love active holidays can make use of the superb windsurfing conditions. Holidays to Matagorda take you to a great seaside town at the centre of Lanzarote’s hub – there are restaurants and bars available, plus shopping malls and clubs just a few minutes’ drive away.

Wines and local Malvasias will turn any lunch into a fantastic party. Spend evenings eating from plates piled high with Canarian goat’s cheese, Membrillo and local bread with a spicy mojo dip, and a glass of crisp wine from the local area. Enjoying the many traditional restaurants with sea views is one of the best things to do in Lanzarote.

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