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Human Happiness with a Healthy Outlook

Feel without restriction, without regret, without punishing yourself – feel ‘human happiness’. Somewhere in amidst all the madness of this generation, humans somehow came up with the idea that we’re not meant to feel certain emotions – that they’re ‘bad’ for us, or they make us a ‘bad’ person. This simply isn’t true!

All who would win joy, must share it; happiness was born a twin. – Lord Byron

Table of Content

1. The Measure of Human Happiness
2. People Find Satisfaction in Human Happiness
3. Let Your Mind Have Great Ideas
4. Human Happiness: The Only Kind There Is

The Measure of Human Happiness

In our pursuit of happiness society is always pressing this idea upon us that certain feelings, such as empathy or sadness, are a form of weakness, a sign that we’re less than we are that they’re a bad thing. They’re not though. I mean, they’re really not – if anything, it takes more security to be able to feel and express, than to hide it away.

It takes a lot more honesty, and a lot more tact, to be able to take responsibility for your feelings, than to completely shun the existence of certain emotions.

This isn’t just a stigma that is present in day-to-day life though. It seems that this social stereotype has also managed to seep into a lot of cultures, seemingly unnoticed, including a lot of spiritual views and interpretations; creating this illusion that we’re not allowed to be a human.

That we should limit what we experience to the ‘accepted’ guidelines of emotions, and ignore the ones that have been deemed ‘bad.’ With this expectation that people will just bury their emotions and continue on, and that they’ll never arise again.

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In spite of the importance of causal questions regarding the impact of advertising, marketing and other media within material values as well as life satisfaction, personal solutions to causal questions continue to be elusive considering the methodology accessible in the social sciences.

Nonetheless, even life pleasure theorists might shy away about this variant with the account, since life satisfaction is typically given to involve, not purely explicit global conclusions of life satisfaction, but in addition our responses towards the particular effects or areas we care about.

People Find Satisfaction in Human Happiness

If we weren’t here to feel – we wouldn’t have been given the capacity to feel in the way we do. If we weren’t here to be human – we wouldn’t be here as a human, having this human experience of happiness.

Why Other People Are the Key to Our Happiness

It is no surprise that social interactions can be a great source of happiness. A holiday spent with close friends and family is not only enjoyable in the moment, but also a source of wonderful memories for years to come. And being in a great romantic relationship is uplifting.

But what about the large number of other people with whom you interact each day—the cashier at the supermarket who smiles and tells you to have a great day; the colleague you pass in the hall who nods as you walk by; the friend of a friend you chat with for a minute about a TV show. Do those interactions also make you happier?

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Why would we go through the effort of incarnating into this state of existence, knowing that we would have these kinds of experiences, if we didn’t actually want to feel these experiences – as they’re meant to be felt? Why would we do this to ourselves unless they were entirely purposeful for our journey?

It’s like being given a book to read, but ignoring pages that you’re aware of and know you can read. Why would you even bother reading the book, if you knew you were never going to try and truly understand the whole book? The answer is simple, for me at least – I wouldn’t bother doing it.

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As such, I don’t treat my life any differently. If there’s a page presented to me that I can read, I’ll read it – with the desire to truly understand all it was telling me.

Just about the most fascinating areas of researching human happiness is learning that very little has evolved with regards to our need to comprehend the nature of happiness. A very happy way of life is one which we must always freely lead the way to for among the many solutions as part of human happiness is our own effort at achieving it.

Let Your Mind Have Great Ideas

Admittedly, it wouldn’t be as bad if the ‘stereotype’ was simply that all feelings are bad, but it gets worse than this – we compartmentalize emotions. We say being happy is a ‘good’ thing, and being sad is a ‘bad’ thing.

We pit our emotions against each other, and then people wonder why they’re left feeling so conflicted. We stuff down these emotions that we are told make us look weak or ‘bad,’ we shy away from them, we never resolve them – then wonder why these emotions have randomly surfaced a lot worse than they were before.

You'll Meet Someone Who Feels Like Home and You'll Know What True Happiness Is

The long nights you spend in praying for that one person who will rescue you from your loneliness often end in tears or defeat. You may even endure people who aren’t right for you just because you’re sick of being alone and unloved. But there’s hope.

Somewhere out there is someone who is just right for you. And you’ll know it the moment you meet them. Without exchanging any words, you’ll look into their eyes and realize that after all these years of searching and longing, you’ve finally come home.

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Whether you’re head over heels in love for someone, or boiling over with rage or perhaps having great ideas – there is a message behind it, which the feeling is helping, conveying something to you.
Hiding this emotion away, and pretending it never existed, is only a temporary solution.

You cannot hide from an emotion forever. You can stuff it down, you can suppress, but eventually – there comes a time when it has to be dealt with, and the longer you’ve suppressed it – usually the messier the surfacing is.

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These feelings becoming more volatile are not the only issue with suppressing them, either. The more we suppress, the less we are listening to ourselves. Emotions are like signposts that we have, they show us how we’re doing, how we’ve reacted to things on a more subconscious level; they’re like windows of understanding – when seen from the right light.

By cutting ourselves off from our emotions, we cut ourselves off from our understanding of this experience. We cut ourselves off from the messages we’re being given.

Human Happiness: The Only Kind There Is

So, re-connect. Let yourself feel happiness. Don’t punish yourself for it happening, because there was a reason – make it right, as and when you can. Let yourself be sad, understand why you’re sad, and then make the effort to change the root of the sadness – instead of trying to escape the sadness itself.

Go on finding happiness, embrace it, but realize that it’s just as temporary as every other emotion. Emotions are forever in flux, and clinging to them will only ever cause us more suffering in the long run.

Whilst you’re feeling, really feeling happiness and a real joy in life – to the depths you can, remember your rational mind. No matter what emotion it is you’re feeling, keep your rational mind about you when it comes to making choices. It’s one thing to feel an emotion, and another to allow them to control you.

Don’t allow emotions to become dictators, feel them out – and then let them go. Peace is maintainable beyond all emotional states, an inner-knowing of security and solace – find this whilst feeling to your depths.

Worldly values detract from individual happiness in addition to well being by strengthening sensations of insecurity regardless of what positive emotions occur from material purchases are normally short term, and need more purchases to reinstate the favorable feeling.

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Their concise explanation of social well being comprises of two primary components, caring associations, plus a sensation of trust in addition to belonging, that they believe form an illustration regarding a fulfilling as well as happy life.

Lastly, rid yourself of this idea that any emotion is better than another. The more you want to control your emotional state, rather than feel it out and listen to it, finding happiness – ‘human happiness’ – the more you’ve resisted your own lessons. You can’t hear something if you’re constantly there trying to get rid of it.

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