Things you could do right now to get your motivation back.

Getting and remaining motivated is vital, whether you’re striving to reach a business goal, starting a new venture, or managing the day-to-day operations of your business. Even the gurus, the so-called “motivators” are lost for motivation occasionally.

Table of Content

1. How to get your motivation back.
2. Staying focused and motivated.
3. Surround yourself with positive people.
4. Finding the motivation and strength to change your life.

How To Get Your Motivation Back

How to get your motivation back.

As mysterious as motivation is, the one for sure thing I know about it, is that most people find it challenging to maintain.

Lack of motivation chips away at your confidence and hurt your potential for success.

Force yourself to do what you’ve decided to do.


The more motivated you are, the more forward momentum you’ll create. And the easier it will be to tackle ambitious goals and reach higher levels of success in your business.

Eventually, once you accomplish your goals, you will feel better and will see that you don’t feel anxious or depressed all the time.

However, these are just strategies to help your journey.

  • Break your fitness goal into daily workouts.
  • We dictate our own success, worth, and values.
  • Getting outside the house once a day is a lifesaver.
  • Schedule your work hours each week and stick to them.

The real key to long-lasting commitment and motivation is to remind yourself why you started the journey. Because nothing happens till you move and do.

For instance, you could have a habit trigger to help your stay motivated by placing stickers with motivational phrases near your work-space.

Remember, you can’t hit a target you cannot see.

A habit trigger is anything you set up for yourself as an intentional reminder to prompt you to act on something.

Instead of saying “I want to save money this year,” break it down into weekly goals you can work on daily. One of the primary reasons people don’t reach their goals is because they lack the motivation to either get started or to keep going once the going gets tough.

Staying focused and motivated.

I find the best way of getting motivated to run, or exercise is to surround yourself with people who love it and feed off their enthusiasm and energy. Surround yourself with other people who are motivated and working hard toward their goals.

The same goes for whatever task, project or area of your life that you’re trying to stay motivated for.

Goal setting is an excellent way to build up your motivation.

Whether we’re attempting to reach a new fitness goal or trying to stay motivated in our role at work, sometimes that motivation just isn’t there. We’ve all faced those days at the office where we’re not feeling motivated.

But by breaking down long-term goals into weekly or even daily action steps. That’s when the progress you make every day can help you build momentum and get motivated to keep the process moving.

And if you can do this thing daily, you’ll quickly feel much better about each day and motivated to keep going. Sometimes, to feel motivated again is realising that you’re doing this for a reason.

Setting up routines, staying engaged and asking for help can get you through when you aren’t feeling super motivated. Having someone there encouraging you, and supporting you can be an effective way to get and stay motivated.

The key to remaining motivated when you can’t figure out how to approach a project is to eliminate the barriers that keep you from getting started.

You’ll feel like a loser if you fall short of expectations.

Your end-goal may be nice and clear, but if you haven’t taken time to break it down into smaller goals, you’ll get stuck, confused, and unmotivated when it’s time to act.

It’s a lot easier staying motivated when you know the specifics of what you need to be doing and a timeline of when it needs to be done. This is probably the biggest tip that will help you to stay motivated.

Surround yourself with positive people.

Research says that while having strong friendships leads to happiness in life, giving to other people leads to a life of purpose. Other people can dampen your enthusiasm and motivation, or they can help you to keep your motivation high.

That’s the reason surrounding yourself with things you love, and people that make you happy is important when you feel down and uninspired, it is easier to snap out of it.

Feed your soul by taking a detour sometimes.

Think about the people you spend your time with so not your co-workers or close family members. Many people will tell you to just stay positive and happy and raise your feelings, and it’ll all work out.

When you’re around people enthusiastic about their lives and about their goals, their enthusiasm will rub off on you.

One of the significant reasons people run out of motivation is because they never convert their dreams and intentions into a physical goal.

  • Often, we don’t give our goals enough thought.
  • None of us likes looking bad in front of others.
  • Too many people try setting limits on their needs.
  • Remove the temptation and make room for the results.

People who exercise to seek approval from others or to boost their self-esteem often report increased anxiety and body dissatisfaction, despite high levels of exercise.

Sadly, some people have hard times imagining this possibility. The sparks of motivation begin in seeing the potential of what you can do instead of focusing on what other people are doing.

Usually, motivation is a battle of different choices.

The word “motivation” holds a different meaning for different people, as what motivates you may not be sufficient for me and vice versa. Overcoming despair begins by understanding how your brain works and how other people’s brains work.

If you neglect your needs in favour of servitude, you will resent people, which is a disservice to them and a form of disrespect. A growth mindset where people believe there is no limit to the things they can become.

Finding the motivation and strength to change your life.

Now is the time to build in small aspects of your routine, to add some predictability back into your life. Be very honest with yourself about why you started this lifestyle, and if you’ve never thought about it, then it is time to define your why.

It’s easy to forget the big picture when you get stuck in the trenches, doing the spadework of life and business.

Another problem can be listening to other people too much.

If you’re missing motivation since you don’t feel you’re getting much out of life or your career. You’ll find doing something without expecting to get anything in return can be eye-opening.

When we don’t have the motivation to work, a few hours at the office can seem like a lifetime of misery. And we can bring ourselves down for not living up to our fullest potential. When you set goals, make sure they are attainable for you and your lifestyle.

Schedule an amount of time you can balance with the rest of the demands of life, just to work on that half-finished project. Each stage in life shall pass, and life will get that much more prosperous and fulfilling to live.

While there may be areas where multitasking is useful, recent studies have found that multitasking reduces your productivity by as much as 40%. But sometimes, these amounts need adjusting, particularly as life and financial situations change.

Remember to set limits for keeping work out of your private life, do things that enthuse you, and get a break every now and then.

To feel motivated, you need to dive beyond the surface.

Looking forward to the future, think about the things you want, what you need, your values, and how you want to feel when you achieve a life that incorporates those things in it.

If you want to get back to a hobby, spend some time with friends you’ve been skipping, or something you’ve wanted to try, it’s time you made it a part of your life. Asking what you can do today to make your life easier next Tuesday is a practical form of motivation.