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There are a lot of unknowns surrounding global warming and the most common questions posed to scientists are “is it real?”, “what are the causes?”, and “what is going to happen?” These questions have no simple answers, but that should not deter us. What can be done is small changes or actions that we can do right now to help make a difference.

How Do You Deal with The Changing Climate


The Changing Climate and Planet Earth

When you think about changing climate and the future of Planet Earth, your mind might go to the melting glaciers, the continuous rise in temperature, or the rising sea levels.

But there is a lot more to it than just that. Climate change has been growing worse over time and one need not look any further than today’s devastating natural disasters.

There are many ways in which climate change is affecting our planet. Some of these effects are already becoming obvious, while others will only become apparent in the future.

The global average temperature has risen by about 1°C since 1900, and this is expected to continue to rise as greenhouse gas levels increase.

This warming has led to more frequent and intense heat waves, droughts, floods, and storms.

In many parts of the world, snow cover has been decreasing over the past 30 years, with winters becoming less snowy overall than summers were before 1950.

Scientists believe this is because of rising temperatures causing snow to melt earlier in springtime.

As humans, we have always had a close relationship with our planet. In fact, without Planet Earth, there would be no humans.

That’s why it’s important for us all to understand how climate change works and its effects on our planet and its inhabitants.

The consequences are being felt around the world.

  • The ice caps on both poles are melting at an alarming rate
  • Sea levels are expected to rise between 1-3 meters by 2100
  • Hurricanes and cyclones have become more intense
  • Weather events like heat waves have become more common

Our Planet’s Health Depends on Us

Despite human advancement, we are still not very far from our primitive roots.

No matter how much technology you have, or how advanced civilisation becomes, we all still have the same basic needs — shelter, food, and water.

The same goes for animals and plants. We depend on each other to keep ourselves alive and that is why everyone must work together if we want to improve conditions for humans, animals, and plants alike.

We’re now in a very interesting period of history. We used to be quite disconnected from the world around us.

But nowadays, every one of us is more aware of what’s happening on Planet Earth–and we rely on that connection to live happy and fulfilling lives.


Australia already at “worst case” climate scenarios for 2030

“Unfortunately, things like temperature extremes – days over 35 and 40 degrees Celsius – and decline in rainfall in southern Australia… were tracking at or above what was projected for the 2030s,” Professor Karoly tells Cosmos.

Not all models are the same, but each use mathematical equations to represent complex processes and interactions in the atmosphere, oceans and land surface.

…read more at Cosmos Magazine

In many cases, nature guides us – it tells us when it’s time to plant, and when it’s time to harvest. Nature proves itself as an invaluable teacher.

Our planet is in trouble. The effects of a warming climate, mass species extinction and pollution are already being felt around the world.

Between deforestation and oil spills, global warming and economic disparity, there’s a lot to worry about. But we are not helpless against these problems.

We are currently amid a climate crisis that’s affecting people everywhere and has the potential to destabilise economies and societies around the world.

But there is hope. We have never been more connected than we are today, and with this connectivity comes great responsibility.

We all have something to bring to the table, including you!

Learn More About the Changing Climate a Global Problem

The changing climate is a global problem that affects us all. However, this isn’t just a future threat – it’s happening right now.

Climate change can start to be felt today with rising sea levels, increased number of droughts and flooding, and more extreme weather events.

We must educate ourselves on the causes and effects of climate change so we can make better choices and create solutions as a community.

Often when we have conversations about climate change, people are quick to dismiss the issue as a hoax. It’s not surprising considering a lot of disinformation gets thrown around on the subject.

With that being said, you can either choose to be part of the problem and perpetuate false information, or you can take matters into your own hands and become an advocate for truth on climate change.

The changing climate is an important global issue that is raising concerns with many people. As the world’s population increases so do the consumption of resources.

This use of resources has led to negative effects on the environment and its inhabitants.

Planet Earth’s climate has always been changing. However, human activity has increased greenhouse gas emissions which are causing rapid global warming.

These gases include carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4). They are released into the atmosphere through fossil fuel burning and deforestation.

The main causes of climate change are:

  • Carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels
  • Methane leaks from coal mines
  • Methane produced by landfill
  • Nitrous oxide released from fertiliser use
  • Volcanic eruptions

We Need to Start Taking the Changing Climate Seriously

We don’t have to understand climate science – just know that it’s our responsibility to minimise the destruction caused by burning fossil fuels.

The oceans and the atmosphere work together to create Planet Earth’s climate.

A major part of this is greenhouse gases, which are produced by natural processes but at different rates than we have been producing them.

Human activity is then significantly increasing the greenhouse effect which leads to a rapid change in our climate. So, it’s about time we started acting against climate change.

Humanity has a long way to go before we can solve the problem of climate change.

We need to start taking this issue seriously if we want to avoid the worst consequences. It’s not going to be easy by any means because it involves sacrifices on all our parts.

We’re living in a world where people are used to getting everything they want whenever they want it. And the concept of delayed gratification is foreign to many people nowadays.

When it comes down to it, we have become so accustomed to being able to buy things right away that we have lost sight of what really matters.

The world needs to unite against climate change and stop treating it as something that only affects future generations. It is already affecting us today and will only get worse if we don’t take steps soon enough!

Climate Change Affects Everyone, Not Just Future Generations

Every day we lack decisive action on climate change, and we further entrench the divisions of class, race and economic opportunity that define our world.

The most vulnerable people—the ones who have contributed least to the problem, and who hold the fewest resources to cope with its consequences—suffer first.

All while governments, corporations and wealthy individuals increasingly shelter themselves from the chaos they’ve caused.

It’s easy to ignore climate change when you’re young. You think that it’s all going to happen in the future and, by the time you’re older, there’ll be new solutions.

But if you truly understand what’s going on with Planet Earth, you realise it is no longer business as usual, and we all need to be concerned about how we are affecting our environment today.

The most obvious way that climate change affects us is through extreme weather events like hurricanes, floods, and droughts.

These events have been increasing in frequency and severity over the past few decades, but they are not just happening because of global warming. They are also being exacerbated by human activity, such as deforestation and pollution from fossil fuels.

Climate change also affects us indirectly because of food instability and resource depletion because of habitat loss from rising sea levels and desertification caused by increased temperatures which kill off plant life.

Also, increased temperatures can lead to more droughts, which can lead to food shortages for humans and those animals who depend on plants for their survival.

Let’s not forget:

  • Planet Earth is warming at an alarming rate
  • All forms of pollution are contributing to this issue
  • We all need to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Global warming is real, and it’s already happening
  • Slowly but surely, Planet Earth will get hotter and hotter
  • We need to live in harmony with our planet

You Can Make a Difference to The Environment

The climate is changing. It’s a fact, and we should all be aware of how we contribute to this.

Most contributing factors are out of our hands. But there are things you can change in your lifestyle which will help to make a difference.

As the awareness of climate change grows, more and more people are looking for ways to change their everyday lives that can help with reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Recognising that climate change is occurring and doing nothing about it is like sitting down on a bus that’s heading to the top of a cliff.

There’s no going back. There’s no chance to turn around. You’re either committed to going over the cliff, or you can get up and jump off while you still have time.

Did you know that by changing a few small things in your daily life, you can help to reduce the number of greenhouse gases being produced?

How Climate Change Threatens Your Future Health

The health impacts of climate change are well documented, with populations particularly vulnerable to extreme weather events, poor air quality, and heat stress…read more

Many of our everyday habits are not sustainable for the environment. But rather than thinking about big changes, such as cutting out your car or giving up air travel completely, we need to think small.

Or at least small enough so you don’t feel overwhelmed. These small lifestyle changes will help make a big difference in the changing climate.

Turn off appliances when not in use, especially if there is no need for them to be on standby modes, like your television and computer monitors.

You can save electricity by switching them off instead of leaving them on standby mode or putting them on energy-saving mode.

Use less water by turning off taps while brushing teeth or shaving; taking shorter showers and fixing leaky taps – this will also save you money on your water bill!

Recycle old newspapers, magazines, and cardboard boxes by placing these items in designated recycling bins around town. Recycling means fewer greenhouse gases produced from burning waste products!

You Can Help to Protect Our World from Global Warming

Who would have thought that a small change in your home or everyday life could help to protect the environment from global warming?

People are so busy nowadays that they do not even know how global warming will affect them if they cannot help stop it.

It is not a secret that the world is getting warmer every day. The problem is that this process is so slow that people do not even notice it.

But if we keep burning fossil fuels and releasing more CO2 into the atmosphere, then it will be too late for us to stop global warming.

The only way to help our planet stop global warming is to reduce our carbon footprint and make our lifestyle less harmful to the environment.

Global warming is a serious issue that affects us all. It’s not something that can be ignored or brushed aside as just another fad, but it’s something that needs to be addressed now before it gets any worse.

The easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint is by changing your eating habits and driving less often.

Eating locally grown food reduces the distance it travels before reaching you and therefore its carbon footprint. By avoiding processed foods, you also prevent unnecessary packaging from being used.

If you live in a city with a good public transportation system, use it instead of driving your car every day or even once per week at least!

This can significantly lower your greenhouse gas emissions because fewer cars mean less pollution!

We have a responsibility to care for our world, so it’s important to look after it by making small changes in our lives.

The changing climate is a global issue that will impact all of us.

Global climate change has moved from being a somewhat theoretical debate to reality.

As one of the primary causes of climate change, humans must now come to terms with the consequences and adapt to the changing climate.

It’s hard to ignore the stark predictions that suggest the climate will change rapidly and significantly causing widespread havoc on our planet.

It’s easy to say that there is no need to worry as our world has been through drastic climate changes many times before. And has adapted, with life continuing and thriving.

Planet Earth is constantly changing. Continents move; the ice ages come and go; Planet Earth tilts on its axis. Consequently, there are climate changes that we have to deal with.

We know this, but what we don’t always do is realise that these changes affect us too.

The climate is changing all around us, and it’s not just happening at the poles or in Antarctica.

Temperatures have been rising across the globe over the last century, leading to more extreme weather events such as heatwaves, floods, and droughts.

Global warming has had a significant effect on our planet’s ecosystems and its inhabitants. Yes, that includes all living things.

But it’s also affected our economy and our way of life. The effects of climate change will continue to affect us for decades to come unless we act now.

It’s impossible to predict exactly how climate change will affect each of us, but one thing is clear: it will have an impact on everyone at some point.


There is a lot of talk about the changing climate and the future of Planet Earth. And people are now taking the global warming threat seriously.

The best way to deal with climate change is to find ways to combat it while simultaneously living a fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Reducing your environmental impact as much as possible is an important first step in protecting yourself and the world around you.

Contrary to what some people may think, climate change doesn’t mean that temperatures are going to increase by three degrees overnight.

That’s not how climate change works. It’s a gradual process that in some areas is much more obvious than it is in others.

But countries around the world are already struggling with the results of climate change.

And odds are, you’ll have to deal with it in your own way, too.

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